A Paw Print series : How to become “That Girl” *Back to school edition*


Alright Losers, School is back, which means THAT GIRL is back; and it’s time for y’all new kids and old kids to learn all the tips on how to become “that girl”. It’s barely been a month since school started and I can already see that a lot of you need MAJOR help. Like at this point it’s just ridiculous how cringe most..all…of you are. I mean your bags are a mess, your homework ain’t done, you’re waking up late, and showing up to school looking crazy.  Which is why you guys seriously need some:


If you want to be “That Girl”,  you’re going to need to be organized. I’m talking about cleaning out that horrendous bag and locker.


Your bag should have nothing in there but the following : Your chromebook ( CHARGED), notebooks for class, pencils, folders for class, water bottle, and your hygiene/essentials bag. THAT IS IT.  It’s hard to be organized when you have useless clutter all up in your bag that you don’t need or use at all during the school day. Speaking of bags, please, please, please, get a cute bag for the school year, whether it’s a tote or a backpack. IDC as long as it’s not Jansport          


All you seriously need in your locker is your bag or nothing at all. That’s absolutely it. It’s time for you losers to get into the habit of having a clutter free locker. Time to get into,,,,


How do some of y’all manage to be late for EVERY SINGLE CLASS! Like, I actually want to know. It’s sickening seeing you degenerates sign into that tardy log every day. Y’all are definitely not “that girl”. That Girl is never late to class. That Girl makes sure to get a good edumacation, because what’s beauty without brains?


Although being That Girl means being the most popular person in the entire school, we have one purpose and one purpose here only. To get to class. No time for hallway friends and all our fans. That Girl is always on a time crunch.


Once we get to school, we need to have a game plan. Whether you’re going to the cafeteria or to the gym, you need to start heading to class by 7:35. Especially now that we got these new tardy slips. There is no excuse whatsoever. Bus not here – find a new one, sleep in ? — go back in time. That Girl NEVER is on anyone’s time but her own time.  I would mention getting on the bus but that girl has a personal driver AND the only people you give a ride to are the ones in your posse/crew.


Having a posse/ Crew is one of THE most important things for school — period.  How can you be That Girl and be a loner? You need friends, and you need the good kind.


Wherever drama goes, that girl goes…NOT. It is absolutely essential to stay away from people who are always in drama… and I’m not talking about the class either ! Sooner or later you’ll be involved in some kind of problem and That Girl never has a problem with anyone..People have a problem with that girl.

Make some new friends this year, or just keep the ones you have(if you even had any to begin with) Just make sure you surround yourself with the RIGHT people.

There’s still eight something months left of school , but now y’all at least got a little something to help push you to be ready for the new school year. Especially with all these white shirts we have roaming around the halls in Parkdale.