A Paw Print Series: How to become “That Girl”


Two weeks ago, I had the blessing of becoming that girl, and it honestly has changed my life. To be more exact it was  March 24, when I started to flourish as that girl. However, becoming that girl made me realize how everyone around me was NOT THAT GIRL… 

After conducting a survey here at Parkdale, I came to find just how correct I was. I don’t even need to check those results to know that 90 % of those students—scratch that 100% of those students are NOT THAT GIRL. I mean come on now I’m that girl , and that girl KNOWS when someone else is that girl.

Instead of being snobby and deciding to just look down on others, while I live lavishly. I’ve decided to help the Parkdale audience become “that girl” by providing a little bit of insight on how to successfully upgrade your lifestyle.


You smell terrible, your grades suck, your sleep schedule is wack, and you show up to school looking and feeling sub-par. YOU are most-def not that girl. I don’t know how much I can stress that you need some routines in place, so you can get your life in place and become that girl.

We desperately need to create a that girl morning & night routine because clearly whatever you guys and gals have going on, is not working.

Morning routine

You need to wake up Helly early. I’m talking 5 am- 5;30 ish. That girl has drive and motivation for the day, and most importantly that girl isn’t lazy…. Therefore we need to get up ASAP (no rocky) and shower and get dressed and do our hair, and all that. I’m not going to TELL you what order to do things in, but make sure, in order to have a successful that girl morning routine you drink water, eat breakfast, lotion up (please don’t show up to school ashy), put on your deodorant (PLEASE),spray some perfume or cologne..not a mist, and fill up your reusable water bottle with your choice beverage.

Night routine

Just like I said you need to wake up early, you need to go to sleep at a reasonable time (or atleast at a time where you’ll still wake up early ! ) Some of y’all are a hot mess in the morning and that’s because you’re still cranky from your lack of sleep the night before. That girl is never cranky in the morning and makes sures they get a peaceful that girl sleep. To have a that girl night routine, shower, brush your teeth, drink tea, read (or at least pretend to for the aesthetics), change into some comfy pjs, and wash your face or something. That girl doesnt stay up late playing video games or watching netflix or scrolling on social media. That girl gets her sleep in.

As for those of y’all who have Xtra shenanigans going on like sports and clubs, that’s a you problem. Find some type of routine for those too ,I guess.

These routines however, are pointless if you don’t have the essentials to fulfill them and truly be that girl, that’s why to become that girl we need to have the correct……


There are certain items you need to have in order to be that girl. I’m going to make you a that girl shopping list so that you can borrow some coins from mommy and daddy and make your way to Target. That girl loves shopping for their essentials at Target. 

Shopping List 

  • Reusable Water Bottle (that girl is environmental friendly)
  • Chapstick, that girl’s lips are never dry and cracked !
  • Body Wash (if you know, you know. If you don’t, well now you know)
  • Bar Soap
  • Loofah 
  • Lotion….
  • Body Oil ( summers coming up and that girl needs to shine)
  • Perfume or Cologne, NOT A MIST
  •  Book
  • Tote Bag

These are just a few that girl essentials that you need, however these are the most crucial in order to start off. That girl makes sures they have these things or else that girl can’t breathe. So if you want to become that girl and start breathing you better start shopping for these products.

I have one more tip to give you peasants to help guide you in your journey in becoming that girl. This is that y’all need to STOP BEING DIRTY (like seriously, stop.)


That girl is not dirty and cleans up her area. Yall have the most gruesome rooms ever, your backpacks are cluttered, and you’re just so unorganized. Then you wonder why y’all are not that girl.

Your room

I need you to honestly sit down and look around your dutty dutty room and ask yourself is this the room of someone who is that girl ? . I think we both know the answer to that question. Clean your room THOROUGHLY. Happy room, happy you. Capiche?

Bag (Club, Sports, or School.. OR ALL OF THEM)

Please, please, please clean your bag. There isn’t even anything else I need to say. Most of y’all haven’t cleaned your bags since the beginning of the school year and it’s quite disturbing actually. Organize your papers and items while you’re at it. That girl cleans their bag EVERY WEEK. That girl doesn’t disturb people disturbed.

Obviously, even with following all these tips, you’re still not fully not that girl. It’s gonna take a LOT MORE for me to be able to transform yall, some more than others but we’ll get there…hopefully. Although you won’t be completely that girl, you’ll still be upgraded and going in the right direction to become that girl. 

~ That Girl