A Paw Print Series : How To Become “That Girl” *New Year, New Who? Edition*


WELCOME TO THE NEW YEAR!!! It’s a new year so it’s a new you. Every single year, I hear people making these outrageous new year’s resolutions that I know they won’t keep up with. It’s honestly a sad pathetic sight seeing this endless cycle, but That Girl always keeps up with their word. Here’s how:


For the new year, the focus needs to be on ourselves because as that girl we are the main character and the most important person every year. When you’re making your resolutions, you might want to start off with small goals that you can achieve in a week. That way, you’ll feel accomplished and you can start jotting down some longer and bigger goals. These goals of yours (if we can even call them that) will then help you with a successful new year. But here are some real goals that you need to incorporate in your list.

New Year New Skin

It’s the new year and honestly and I mean this wholeheartedly it is time for this bad skin to stay in 2022. Find out your skin type and please grow the hell up 😉. Like yes, I understand puberty is normal but that doesn’t necessarily mean we need to have terrible skin. Face Mask, face soap, Cleansers, black head removals; We need to get you people into something,  I’m no dermotologist or anything, but something is going on with you all’s skin.

New Year New Boo

Leave that boo in 2022 and get you a rich one in 2023 – But no seriously, all the red flags that you’ve been ignoring, it’s time to pay attention to them. Your relationships are terrible, and if you didn’t listen to me in that girl relationship edition, listen to me now! Leave that person. You will never be great and will never be that girl so long as you have that person holding you back. Speaking of leaving your boos, you might even need to leave some of your “friends,” too.

New Year New Friends

The folks that you all are quote on quote friends with are people that that girl would NEVER be friends with. Clearly a that girl fake friends edition needs to be in the brewing. People who don’t treat you like you’re weak, pressure you ,and don’t make you feel included are not people you need to be hanging around AT ALL. It’s time to broaden our horizon and find people who will help better ourselves.


It’s important to achieve some actual growth from this year, not just wishy washy goals. Remember it’s a New Year to create a New You, not for you to already be a New You, which is why there are things you need to make sure you grow in.


Get your grades up, get a planner, and turn in your assignments on time. By the end of the school year you should most definitely be a school working machine. If anything a nerdy beast.


Get your Mental Health and your Physical Health in check this year. Lets all try our best to get into a better headspace route and become that girl.

Okay Losers, it’s the new year and that girl always makes sure to keep up with the change; so there are no excuses for you guys! Remember New year, New who?–New year New You