A Paw Print Series: How to become “That Girl” *Relationship Edition*


What’s up my gals and guys ! It’s me, the one and only “that girl”, back at it again to give you all some tips that will help you become that girl. I know you pathetic losers have a lot of problems–and I mean a lot of problems, which is exactly why you’re not that girl… yet.

However, after doing some intensive that girl research, I’ve come to the conclusion that yall’s love lives are an ABSOLUTE MESS; I mean it’s in complete shambles. Of course, part of being that girl means it’s important to learn how to be in a healthy genuine relationship (unless you’re a single loner :/)  And as always, I’m here to help:


Listen, Listen, Listen. LISTEN. Y’all need to stop going out sad; it is seriously embarrassing…  

Learn to set your standards and KEEP THEM. I’m talking about the basics, not the ridiculous cocky standards some of y’all try to create.

Everyone’s standards are different because everyone’s situation is different, But seriously, yall need to make some and never lower them ;because the way some of y’all are going out, it actually makes me physically ill.  While everyone’s standards may vary, two things should be a guarantee: respect and boundaries.


Talk with your partner and discuss some boundaries y’all need to set. If you don’t have boundaries, you don’t have standards; they go hand in hand. 

Some boundaries questions you may want to ask yourself are:

-Do you want your boo-thing to be all friendly to someone?

-Are you okay with them constantly dissing you as a joke?

-Can they still be in communication with their ex?

– How far are you okay with them taking things to another level…an intimate level?

These are just a FEW boundaries that you need to set in place so that your significant other(s) know what’s up. WE’RE that girl , not these other rejects they used to hang out with, and you need to let it be known that being with you requires respecting you and your boundaries. 


Some of you need to open up your mouth and speak and some of you need to shut it completely.  Depending on the situation, you’ll need to learn how to do both:

Speaking up

Like, hey your partner did or said something you don’t like?  Say something, stupid ! Like why do y’all be so afraid to let your partner know what’s going on?! That they’ve hurt your feelings? That you don’t like or appreciate something they’ve done? That they’re disrespecting your boundaries? That Girl always says what’s on their mind, especially to their significant other.

Shutting up

HOWEVER, that girl knows how to communicate and when it’s best to shut their mouth. Ya’ll having a fallout?  Let the other person get a word in, and only raise your voice when it’s necessary (cause bruh, sometimes it’s necessary) but don’t start it off that way. You feel like saying something you KNOW is going to hurt the other person ? Shut the heck up! That girl knows when to stop themselves before insulting, triggering, or traumatizing their significant other.  That girl knows how to listen.

There are too many relationships that fail here at Parkdale, just because y’all can’t communicate to YOUR own partner how you’re feeling and it’s just plain sad.


(well….not really, yet, but fake it til you make it!)

I’m going to say this loud and clear for the people in the back who love to “Huh” their way out of a conversation: YOU HAVE A LIFE OUTSIDE OF YOUR PARTNER(S); DON’T NEGLECT IT. Please don’t forget you have things going for you other than your significant other. Don’t blow off your friends, your grades, and even yourself just for some hallway hand-holding and walks to class. It’s nice..but it ain’t THAT nice. You need to balance them out because you can’t try to fix it later on and/or come running back to the things you neglected if ya’ll ever break up (‘cause it’s going to be too late)

Don’t take anything you don’t deserve

How can you be that girl if you allow yourself to be treated like absolute garbage (I mean you USED to be garbage but after reading my article How to become “That Girl”, you’re only semi garbage now– we’re getting there). Therefore, they have no right to treat you like crap. Being controlling, toxic, and overly jealous: MAJOR RED FLAGS. Constantly making you feel insecure and causing you to cry (and finding joy in seeing you upset): more red flags and maybe even psychosis. If you have to make excuses for your partner’s toxic a** behavior while talking to your friends, I’m sorry to tell you this but you’re not that girl and never will be until you get that situated.

Now that you’ve read this greatly written advice, I hope–no I KNOW–you learned some things to help you on your journey to become that girl. Are we there yet ? Not even close. But I promise I’m going to do everything I can to help you get there…maybe.

Love Life, Love Me 

~That Girl