A Paw Print Series: How to become “That Girl” *Spooky Edition*


Spooky Season’s here and we all know what that means : Scary movies, cute costumes, and lots and lots of treats…or tricks.

Of course it is still important to  be that girl even when it’s Halloween. Since the scary spirit is all around, there is absolutely no way we can falter our “that girl” ways during this crucial holiday season. WE have to make sure we look good, get festive, and make a plan.

That Girl Halloween Agenda (All must be done on October 31st)


-It is essential that as “that girl” we are wearing a bomb halloween costume, whetehr we make it or self and buy it at target. The costume needs to be giving spooks.

Speaking of spooks, a Halloween movie needs to be watched.

– Heck, multiple Halloween movies need to be watched ( and please make sure that they are the good ones) Some of my “that girl” favorites include Halloweentown number one AND two (three  was trashy, and if you like the pp movie, you are most def not “that girl”) and of course, The Nightmare before Christmas which is a Halloween movie, not a Christmas film.


IDC if you go trick or treating or not, you best be indulging in some sweet treats: Candy, Caramel Apples, Chocolates. It doesn’t matter; it’s cavity time.

Tricks or… Tricks!

“That Girl” loves the holidays so we always get into the spirit. There is absolutely no way that we can be “that girl” without playing some of these festive tricks and more tricks on people:

  • The Classic Caramel Apple: Make some delicious caramel apple treats.. But instead of apples, let’s spice things up and use onions– classic Halloween trick.  Everyone may not like apples but we know for sure that everyone loves cookies.
  • Oreos for Sale: Get some yummy oreos and scrape off the frosting on a couple of them… then re-frost them with toothpaste ! Extra brownie points if it’s a minty flavor.
  • After playing some tricks and more tricks on the losers around you,  it’s time for you to get a little spooked.

Get Spooked

Although “That Girl” isn’t afraid of anything in the world, Halloween is the one time where “that girl” must force themselves into fear. I know it sound’s crazy, but have I ever steered you wrong before? It’s time for “that girl” to do whatever is possible to be fear stricken for that night (and couple nights after that).

Scary Stories

YouTube is our best friend this Halloween. Head over to the site/app and search up any scary stories compilation, animated or just audio, and watch the whole thing through! If you’re hanging out with friends, you could go the old school route and have everyone tell a scary story if they know any good ones.

Scary text stories are acceptable as well, whether you’re downloading an app to read or watching one on YouTube, as long as you’re hooked. 

Real Scary Movies

Earlier, we mentioned some Halloween movies, but now it’s time to watch some scary movies. Watch the real scary movies or even serial killer documentaries, which are equally thriling.  Whatever will make you want to hide, cry, and keep watching all at the same time, that’s what you should be watching.

If you are truly terrified of these types of films and will have severe nightmares, there is an exception. Watch just the trailers then. No need to watch the whole entire film (see, “That Girl” is reasonable).

Spooky season is here for now, but it will be over just as quick, but don’t worry the last few months of the year are a holiday overload, that’s all that girl has to offer this time around and remember– Happy Halloween.

Love Life, Love Me 

~That Girl