Cold front on the horizon as Winter Break nears

Cold front on the horizon as Winter Break nears

A cold front coming from the Arctic bringing blizzard conditions in several regions of the U.S. Temperatures reaching dangerously low.  The storm will extend from the Pacific Northwest to the Great Lakes, Rockies, the Great Plains, and central Appalachians. 

The more North East part of the east Coast such as New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Manie are expected to get Mountains of snow. Parts of Pennsylvania and West Virginia to Massachusetts may have a chance of seeing a White Christmas. 

There are shelters and safe havens for people who have no place to go during this season and the cold winter. Such as the city of Denver which claims to have a safe Haven for estematly 1,300 migrants who’ve arrived in the city since December 9th.

Numerous flights have been and continue to be delayed or canceled due to the storm. Causing expectedly 113 million American people to be upset and placing people in situations where they are away from their loved ones for the season. 

According to Weather.comT​he all-time lowest sea-level pressure anywhere in the U.S. was 1078.6 millibars in Northway, Alaska, on Jan. 31, 1989. This large difference between this high-pressure area arriving into the northern Rockies and the potential bomb cyclone over the Great Lakes will help drive the widespread area of strong winds during this cold snap.”

Staying indoors during the holiday weeken and being sure to bundle up would be an understatement. 

If staying out door for a longer period of time then preventing yoursefl form getting sick of getting frost bite would be most useful. Frost bite is also another big issue that most people dont seem to be true. Any temperature below 31 degrees can cost a person to get frost bite so wearing loves and scarfs with hats may make you look a little silly but its better then having the possibility  of your fingers falling off.  

In the worst case scenario where frost bite starts treating it right away and going to see a doctor is the best option. The Mayo Clinic suggests soaking your hands in room temperature to warm water for 20-30 minutes or until you see them reverting back to their original form with the numbness fading. Putting the affected area under fire or heat while causing severe burns, so highly unrecommended. Drinking warm liquids, any pain medication, and checking for hypothermia.

Sitting at home and drinking some hot chocolate or eggnog while watching a movie with your own company or loved ones is the best course of action for this winter holiday storm.