Igbo daughters in an African home are known as the family structure.


Tradition Wedding (Google images)

In African homes, Igbo daughters are mostly known as the structure of the home. Aside from the parents and male siblings, Igbo daughters support the family in their own way. 


In an African home, most parents like to give their daughters traditional names that start with “ADA” because it is commonly known to represent the first daughters in the home. Also sometimes describe their daughter’s appearance. Names listed are ADAEZE, ADANMA, ADAUGO, ADAORA, ADAOBI. 

Igbo traditional names have their own meanings. For example, my name Adaeze means “A king’s first daughter.” “ADA-First daughter, EZE-King”. FYI I am not from a traditional home. 


Speaking more from my experience so far as an Igbo daughter, I would say it’s tough but at the same time, it prepares you for the future. Most positive things are expected from you especially when you are the first daughter of the home. 

You are expected to be able to take after the good deeds of your mom because you will also go through the traditional process that she went through. 

The main focus when you get older is traditional rights. “The Bride Price and Gifts for the parents and community”. Most parents expect a wealthy man to marry their daughter, but sometimes it turns out that a wealthy man does not mean the best home. 

This process will show out a lot of things and expect a positive outcome, but sometimes it takes a while because the community also has to agree to that process. They will agree but they like to add drama during that process so everyone can feel engaged. 


Igbo traditional rights include lots of steps, sometimes most people try to avoid it, but it can’t be avoided due to the type of community one’s in. Overall, though everything is done for a reason.

A traditional process is easier when everyone is involved, meaning the community and other members of the community. 

Additionally, if someone is marrying someone that is deep down into tradition (Traditionally raised), Just expect a few changes. They may be good changes but sometimes it depends on the type of in-laws you have.

During the process of marriage rights, the family expects a bride price which is money given to the family for the daughter. The bride price can be as little as ever, it really doesn’t matter. What matters most is the bride’s price list. (List of things you are expected to buy for the bride’s family and community). 

Few things include: 10 tubers of yam,2 bottles of liquor, etc. 

Key thing: Have extra of some of the items written on the list you are given because more things will be demanded from you, at that point you would have no choice but to answer their demand. 

Things I know

Growing up I knew having a son is needed because they are expected to take after the father’s properties, just like how the father took after his dad’s. Properties are mainly shared within the Males in the family because they are basically the head of the family. It could also be shared with the females but it’s up to the father’s will.  

Well, that is all I know so far in my 15 years of life, there are more things expected but that is for the future.