How to become an effective future planner


Image on Future Planning

Planning your future seems to be the easiest thing to you, but have you ever wondered how it may be for some?

Future planning requires a lot of work, help, and plenty of encouragement. These things are needed because some people tend to give up because of one mistake that has been made. But we are told that learning from our mistakes is a good thing because it provides us with common corrections.  

Most people say that their future planning acts are mostly based on their life in the future. 

“I think future planning should be based on what you want to do in future,”said sophomore Samuel Inobeme, at Flowers High School.  “[The] main thing is knowing your next step after High School years and move on.”

Tip #1: Start thinking early.. 

Everyday I think about what my future will look like. The last time I thought about it I saw myself working as a judge, solving problems and being presentable. 

Just to let you know I am not done thinking about my future because more thoughts constantly reappear every once in a while. 

You are not expected to plan yourself in just a small amount of time, because you may end up with something that will either affect you positively or negatively. 

When thinking about future planning I also like to think about my life after school because I feel as though that once you have completed Elementary, Middle, and High school, then it would be best to start planning for the future that lies ahead. Not saying that you can´t start earlier than that, but some prefer to start right after their school years because at that point they have either decided their path after school or are considering a change. 

Tip #2: Build positive thoughts.. 

Having positive thoughts helps build positive results. There comes a point in our lives where our ideas, thoughts, and decisions change which leads to the start of the original plan changing. These acts are quite normal and mostly happen due to our understanding and views of the world starting to change.

But there are ways we can reduce the acts of these things happening. First we can start to think more towards positive things, we can also reduce the act of building fear in our minds. Lastly, we can make our decision based on what we want, and not on what another person thinks of. “Not saying we shouldn’t respect their opinion, I am saying we should also have a thought of our own,” 

“You are in better control of getting what you want out of life…” Said Ini Amusu, Former Parkdale student.”…  [Mainly] you can also make your own vision of life become real.”

Tip #3: Staying focused 

Most importantly staying focused!! Most people tend to lose focus due to outside opinions. We all have an open mindset so we can picture how our goals will later look like. “Picturing your goals can motivate you and keep you focused and organized,” said Amusu. 

Tip #4: Organization

Staying organized really helps in future planning, it helps to put things together and set out plans. Some say that being organized really helps make things easier. “Few weeks after my graduation I started writing out my goals and things I would like to achieve,” Said Amusu. “[But] some changes were made. Always Expected the unexpected”

Tip #5: Expect the unexpected 

Lastly, we should always prepare ourselves for unexpected outcomes. Ways we can prepare are: Having back up plans, having an open mindset and being open to new things. “Accepting change Is a good thing, most change brings new positive things,” Said Amusu. “[Remember] everyday is not christmas.”