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Elie Mulamba

Elie Mulamba, Reporter

Elie Mulamba is a student from Parkdale High School who is currently in the 11th grade from the years of 2020 to 2021 and is planning to graduate in the year of 2022. He had just got in Staff since March 2021. He got into staff from taking Journalism as a class, although he may not be sure on how he got selected to be in the class in the first place. He feels like he has contributed to the paper because he has talked about some subjects in where situations are talked about in misleading ways without being in the truth, and Elie has tried to do that with (hopefully) no misleading information and with little to no bias, (maybe some bias, but not to alter the information given like propaganda). He is a Christian who loves music, wants to play piano, (or just instruments in general), likes to draw, inform other people on important things and likes to discover new things.

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Elie Mulamba