Should Highschool students receive more free time?


There are a number of students who may remember having free time in elementary school. It was a time that students could use to relax, take a break from whatever they were learning and have fun. However, there are some schools that don’t include much free time, if any. Without the benefits of free time during school hours, some students may not be at their best while in school, since there is barely enough time to take in what you’ve learned or maybe relax so that you can mentally prepare yourself for what comes next.

According to an article that was cited from, Arthur Morgan School talks about their middle schoolers and talks about the topic of free time for students. It is stated, “we often witness our middle schoolers spending their free time processing what they just learned in class, or applying their knowledge by joking with each other about a topic they just learned. If they just moved from one class to the next, so much of this knowledge would be lost as they became overwhelmed by information overload.” 

Some questions were asked to a student in Parkdale High School, senior Agustin Perez Velazquez, to see what they thought about free time for students.

Question: Do you miss having recess back in elementary school?

Answer: Yes, I do miss having recess. It was one of the times in school I could just hangout with my friends without getting in trouble. 

Question: Do you think that it would be important that students get free time during school hours, besides lunch?

Answer: Yes, I believe it’s important to have free time between school hours. Sometimes, we just want to relax and lunch isn’t enough time for that.

According to an article that was cited from, while describing the benefits of free time for students, it is stated “serves as a ‘brain break’ so kids are focused and ready to learn when they begin a lesson.” This statement connects to what was previously stated earlier in the article.

Not only can free time help students mentally, but it can also help them physically. Students who would prefer to play sports during their free time can help them be physically healthy. Early periods of school, like elementary school, may have these kinds of free time opportunities. After these opportunities are lost, students may become physically inactive. 

According to an article on, it is stated “76 percent of American children don’t get enough daily physical activity.”

This could lead to physical troubles later in the future for the students if not helped. Also, 76 percent of American children not getting enough physical activity may be considered to be a lot of people in a generation. There are little downsides to giving students free time during the school day.