2023 NFL SuperBowl filled with historic feuds to remember


Official Poster of Super Bowl LVII Featuring Patrick Mahomes and Jalen Hurts (Google Images)

The NFL 2022-2023 season ended on February 12th at SuperBowl 57 with the Kansa City Chiefs being victorious over the Philadelphia Eagles with a score of 38-35. But this year’s SuperBowl wasn’t just a regular game; it was filled with record-breaking events and old feuds. From two brothers playing against each other on the field to two Black starting Quarterbacks of both teams, this was definitely a game to remember.

The biggest and most exciting talked-about news from this year’s game was undoubtedly the starting QBs. For the first time in SuperBowl history, both starting quarterbacks were Black.

 The quarterback for the Cheifs is Patrick Mahomes who, in just six seasons, has led the team to three SuperBowls, winning two of them. He has two regular season MVP awards and is only the sixth player to have won multiple SuperBowl MVP awards with two.

The talk around the league this year, however, was the Eagles and their young star quarterback Jalen Hurts. Hurts, who is only in his second season in the league, led the Eagles to an 8-game win streak early in the season. He led the Eagles to an impressive 14-3 season and into the SuperBowl. Hurts was also the runner-up MVP this year behind Mahomes and with his talent, there is no limit to his success in the years to come.

The first Black quarterback to play in a SuperBowl was Doug Williams who led the then Redskins to victory in Super Bowl 22 in 1988.  When Williams saw the Chiefs beat the Cincinnati Bengals in the AFC Championship, securing their ticket to the SuperBowl along with the Eagles who had beat the San Francisco 49ers earlier in the day, he explained “I got emotional.  I didn’t cry, but my eyes got full of water. It was just one of those feelings.”

Both Mahomes and Hurts were excited and proud of this moment knowing that they are looked up to and role models for their young fans. 

“I’m glad that we’re going to be able to represent the Black quarterback in the biggest game of them all,” said Mahomes who, after winning SuperBowl, is the first Black QB in history to have multiple SuperBowl Championships and MVP Awards.

Along with Mahomes, Hurts was also ecstatic as this was his first SuperBowl and he touched on the history being made. 

“I think it’s history,” he explained. “I think it’s something that’s worthy of being noted.”

Picture of Kelce Brothers (google images)

However the QB’s weren’t the only talk of the SuperBowl. For many, SuperBowl 57’s highlight was the “Kelce Bowl.” 

This sibling rivalry is the first time in history two brothers face off against each other in the Super Bowl on the field. The oldest of the brothers, Jason Kelce, has played 12 seasons with the Eagles at center. “It’s an incredible moment for me and our family,” said Kelce, who was ready to fight for bragging rights.

The other brother, Travis Kelce, is the more notable brother who has played Tight End for the Chiefs for 10 seasons. 

Although not on the field, a set of brothers have played against one another in the SuperBowl in the past. This was called the “Harbaugh Bowl,” where Baltimore Ravens Head Coach John Harbaugh and San Francisco 49ers Head Coach Jim Harbugh faced off in SuperBowl 47 with the younger Harbaugh brother, John, taking the victory. 

The man responsible for both Kelce brothers being in the league is no other than the Chief’s head coach Andy Reid. Reid, whose coaching resume in the NFL spans over 25 years, was once the Eagles head coach. His reign in Philadelphia lasted from 1999-2012, the final draft he got to experience for the Eagles being the 2011 draft. This was the draft in which the Eagles picked Jason Kelce 191st overall,who played under Andy Reid for the 2012-2013 season before leaving the Eagles. 

In his first draft with the Chiefs, Reid picked Travis Kelce 63rd overall. Under Reid, Travis Kelce has excelled in the league becoming one of the best Tight Ends.

Eagles Coach Nick Sirianni and Chiefs Coach Andy Reid (Google Images)

The coaches are another dramatic topic as both have a not-so-great history. 

When Reid moved from the Eagles to the Chiefs, he hit the ground running firing Nick Sirianni, who was the assistant head coach for the Chiefs at the time and is now the head coach for the Eagles. Many thought this would leave Sirianni sour and suspected bad blood between the two, but Sirianni cleared that up before the game. 

“I really admired that [Reid] pulled me into the office and asked to meet with me, and told me face-to-face he had a different guy,” said Sirianni. He respected that Reid told him as soon as possible in order for Sirianni to find another job. 

Overall with all the drama and history surrounding this year’s SuperBowl, many might say this is one to remember. This is the first time these teams faced each other in two years, and people can’t wait for the next meet up. 

There isn’t a regular season game planned for the two to face each other in the 2023 season, so I guess a SuperBowl rematch is the only hope fans have.