J.I.D’s musical abilities made “The Forever Story” stand out

J.I.D, an artist often compared to the likes of Kendrick Lamar and Andre 3000, showcased his outstanding musical ability on his latest album “The Forever Story” which was released earlier this year on all musical platforms. 

Atlanta artist Destin Route, who goes by the stage name J.I.D, released his third studio album, “The Forever Story” on Aug 26th. His latest drop is an overwhelming fifteen-track album that is full of impressive lyricism, storytelling, tone, and flow– all components that J.I.D is notorious for, and it’s these components that are what truly made this album stand out.

Some critics believe that J.I.D’s musical abilities really helped him stand out amongst the rest. 

“The thing about J.I.D that I think makes him stand out is he lets his massive amount of talent just speak for itself,” said widely-proclaimed music critic, Anthony Fantano on his YouTube channel theneedledrop.

When it came down to showcasing his musical talent this time around, J.I.D didn’t disappoint. His skillful use of storytelling and lyricism is shown drastically on the fourth track of the album, “Crack Sandwich.” In the third verse of the track, J.I.D details a brawl that subsequently strengthened the connection between him and his family. This brawl began after he saw his sister get hit in the mouth:

“All I really seen from the big VIP couch

Was a n***a swing, and hit my sister right in the mouth

The bouncer tried to block the door, that way we couldn’t get out

But f**k that, the whole team bust that motherf****r down” – Lyrics from Crack Sandwich By, J.I.D provided by Genius.com 

J.I.D then goes on to say how this brawl showed how connected the family was even though they had their feuds and disagreements with each other. 

“So beautiful, beating a** was like a family thing

Fighting together made us tighter in spite of how we would argue and scream” – Lyrics from Crack Sandwich By, J.I.D provided by Genius.com

Later on, it was discovered that this song was the hardest to write. When Twitter user, _ZAY_KING asked J.I.D “What was the hardest song to write for the album?????” J.I.D answered, “Crack Sandwich” with a sandwich emoji.

When it came to flow and tone, J.I.D didn’t shy away from giving us an amazing show on the seventh track of this album, “Kody Blu 31.” 

On this track, J.I.D showcased a huge tonal shift within the album with his amazing singing vocals and smooth flow. 

“Again with the flow switches does he ever run out of flow ideas?” asked Fantano  “J.I.D is singing on the track too and not just like singing a little bit like singing fantastically. Singing very well, better than some people who these days are trying to pass themselves off as like pop artists or R&B artists.”

As for releasing albums, J.I.D never seems to shy away from exceeding his fan’s expectations. Especially one Reddit user who goes by the name LukeVenable.  

“I knew this album would be a classic but it somehow exceeded my expectations.” This was a phenomenal album and I can’t wait to see what J.I.D has in store in the future.