Do all mom’s have a sixth sense?

We all have experienced that moment where we spend hours looking for something that we lost and just can’t seem to find it. But the moment we ask our moms for help, they immediately find it, even though we could have sworn we checked there like a million times. After some extensive thinking, the answer is clear as to why this seems to be the case: Mom’s just knows everything. 

There’s a rumor going around that mom’s secretly meet up at night once all their kids are asleep and have a club meeting. They call it the SSM which stands for Super Secret Mom

Mothers are similar to Spider-Man; they all have that spidey-sense, except for moms it’s called the mama-sense.

When you see this symbol, just know that a SSM meeting is occurring

“Mom’s can do wonders, we are like superheroes to our kids,” said the president of SSM (she wished to stay anonymous for safety reasons). “The whole theory about mother’s having a chip implanted in them is not true, I find it quite funny that people believe that.”

Even though mother’s do not have a built-in chip inside of them. They are still connected to their children in many ways, which makes sense since they carried us for nine months and brought us into the world.

“A mother’s body is like her living room, strewn with kid castoffs and debris. Scientists discover fetal cells in the darnedest places,” according to Smithsoniamag. “Our children colonize our lungs, spleens, kidneys, thyroids, skin. Their cells embed in our bone marrow and breasts.”

This is why a mothers’ belly gets so big when pregnant. It is because we basically have a whole studio there.  Although every mom serves as a landlord for their growing babies, some of them are still running the house all by themselves.

Mother’s have also created an emotional connection with their children. “Adult heart tissue doesn’t rally easily, but new mothers may somehow be able to regrow heart cells the way salamanders sprout new tails,” according to Smithsoniamag. We literally help our mom’s grow a “new” heart which is why when we do something wrong, it hurts our mom very much. 

Some moms’ do not  have help raising their children because of an absentee father. In fact, according to PewResearch, “about 9 million mothers are living with a child younger than 18 without a spouse or partner.” Even still, these moms are also constant regulars at the SSM meetings.

Can you imagine living a double life like our moms? Mother by day, agent by night. 

“It’s hard especially when you have young ones at home,” said the SSM president. “However, we always like to come together at the end of the day to talk with other moms all around the world and encourage each other to keep going (yes, the SSM takes place all around the world 😉 ).”

Moms are truly amazing human beings. Yes, they annoy us and are sometimes too “nosey”, but it’s in their nature to want to keep us safe. Next time you want to complain or rebel against your mom, keep in mind all that she has done for you. All the physical and mental stress we have caused our mothers to go through just to raise us into proper men and women. So, make sure you tell your mom that you love her and that you’re grateful for her.