Stay focused and you’ll be out of here

Stay focused and youll be out of here

Going through high school was a real learning experience, physically and mentally. I learned a lot about myself, things I like and things I didn’t. 

High school can really break or make someone. For me at times, it did break me because I stressed out a lot, thought I wasn’t smart enough or didn’t have enough potential. I learned I was a serious over-thinker. Not only that but high school tested my anxiety. I was doing more than I could get out of myself. I don’t regret it because I showed myself that I can test myself and push on my own limits.

Not only that but I faced a lot of depression. I felt odd and weird but mostly left out. I felt as if I didn’t have enough friends or company; I did a lot on my own.  Eventually, I did embrace that because if I didn’t, I would’ve probably not finished to the point I did. I learned that I liked my own company more than anyone’s and that the only person that should influence me is me. By that, I mean I do what I feel is right and to follow what truly speaks to me. 

Personally, I don’t have much advice for others but the basic things. Go to class, learn as much as you can, and be you. I feel as if people think they have to fit in and have a big group of friends or have to get along with everyone to have a great high school experience. 

Of course have fun and enjoy your time but don’t mix yourself or get caught up in what you might regret later, as simple as that. You have time, there’s a whole life after high school, complete what you have to and move on. 

I did just this. I had fun but I also dedicated time to my education because I knew that’s what was going to push me further. School is really all I’ve known for the most part of myself, and it’s also what I want for my future. School/college isn’t for everyone and that’s fine but get yourself somewhere. 

For me, I won’t be going to college in the fall and sometimes it can be hard to see and listen to people talk about their future schools and plans that aren’t similar to yours, but it’s okay because I have come to terms with my decision and know it’s best for me. 

So for all the upcoming seniors and future graduates, be yourself, do what calls to you and do better during and after high school.