Top 5 organization to support during COVID-19 pandemic


Courtesy of LuvMichael

Luv Michael is one nonprofit organization that you should consider donating to during the pandemic.

The outbreak and fast geological spread of Coronavirus or COVID-19 has caught the world off-guard, with major implications for individual wellbeing, commerce progression and the world financial arrangement. Non-Profit Organizations can no longer make a substantial impact on their community, due to Covid 19, they experienced a reduction in revenue.

Data proposes that most organizations around the world are ill-prepared to navigate through these questionable times. According to EY Global Risk Survey 2020 – which studied 500 board individuals and CEOs over the world – about 4 out of 5 respondents expressed that their organizations are not well arranged to deal with a crisis-event.

Organizations pertaining to individuals of color, the LGBTQ+ community and those with disabilities are particularly struggling, as COVID-19 has taken an unbalanced toll on these communities, making their needs more prominent. 

Here are five non-profit organizations to support that are based in Maryland: Keep in mind that donation is not the only way to support an organization, spreading awareness is one of the prominent ways to show your support. This can be done through wearing the merchandise such as t-shirts, caps, rubber or silicone wristbands, and button pins, volunteering and participating, talking about it online, and recruiting and starting a Social Media Campaign.

Upward Bound 

The purpose of Upward Bound is to supplement students’ secondary school experience by providing opportunities for academic, social, and emotional development in preparation for college. They provide hands-on experience on what college entails through their summer camp that helps build more knowledge . They help first generation students to understand the process of applying to college, as well as how and where to look for scholarships.They provide a great deal of counseling and tutoring programs to set aside every student whenever they are in need of assistance. 

“From helping us find shortcuts to solving math problems to helping us place our college portfolios together, this program has been built around determined people who are focused on their students” said junior Camila Donis from High Point High school.

Maryland Food Bank 

The Maryland Food Bank is a non-profit organization driving the development to end starvation in Maryland. They have a broad arrange of community and organizational accomplices over the state that disperse nourishment to the Marylanders who require it. 

Maryland’s food assistance safety net, is combined of 40 years of expertise with a statewide network of thousands of community accomplices to meet the quick needs of hungry Marylanders while simultaneously working to form pathways out of hunger.  They are committed to feeding individuals, fortifying communities, and ending starvation for more Marylanders.

The Pride Center of Maryland

The Pride Center of Maryland offers over 30 programs and services that reflect their commitment to guaranteeing Maryland’s sexual orientation minority community have equal access to care, services, and a space where they can be their true selves.

 Each year, the Pride Center of Maryland serves thousands of Maryland residents in order to fulfill their commitment of uniting, engaging, and advocating on behalf sexual orientation minorities of Baltimore and Central Maryland.

House of Ruth Maryland

House of Ruth Maryland is one of the nation’s driving intimate partner violence centers, helping thousands of battered ladies and their children discover the welfare and protection that  numerous people take for granted. 

Intimate partner violence can happen to anybody in any case of race, age, sexual orientation, religion, capacity or sex, and can take numerous shapes, including physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional, financial, and mental abuse..

Luv Micheal

Luv Michael is a nonprofit organization that manufactures high quality natural, gluten-free, and nut-free granola excluding harmful chemicals and toxin allergens. The company was established in 2015 by Lisa Liberatore, in Maryland and her son Michael was the reason she pushed for this organization that gives significant employment and on the job preparation to those diagnosed with Autism. 

They train, educate and employ auitistic adults at their bakery in NYC. Over 90 percent of autistic adults are underemployed or unemployed. Not only will your community be benefitted, but you will also receive some of their tasty handmade granola and a handwritten thank you note in your mailbox.

When you donate you will be “helping so many people out there who are in need and I am sure it will make them feel good as well” said junior Oluwadamiola Akinyemi.