The evolution of anime both liked and despised by today’s teens

Some people like anime and some people don’t.  Recently, many people have actually been interested in anime. For example, the anime show Attack on Titan is about a young boy who lives inside some walls to protect themselves from Titans, but the story gets better. The final season of this show came out earlier this year, but the show itself has been out since 2013, and most people have seem to just recently start it!

How has it changed?

A former Parkdale student, who has been watching anime since they were a kid, has said that yes, anime has changed, because when they watched as a kid they were made fun of, but now it’s kind of a “cool” kid thing.

Not only that, the former student also stated that the anime fandom has changed a lot. They stated that the Attack on Titan (AoT) fandom has changed now because the fandom is toxic because there are “new” fans.

Many people think that anime has lost its “ sport “ since everyone is now eventually into anime. Lastly, the former Parkdale student stated that “ watching anime you would be considered the ‘weird’ people, but now if someone asks you about anime you’ll relate to them more and be considered ‘cool.'” 

How do we know many people are into it?

Not only that, but according to Cosmic Book Resources, Attack on Titan is “currently the most popular show in the United States.”

This indicates that yes, many people have gotten into anime recently, so it automatically made an anime show the most popular. ComicBook, a website about anime, movies, superheros, horror, gaming, and much more  also talks about how another anime show called Demon Slayer, an anime about a young boy and his sister who fight demons, made a lot of box office than any other movie made in the United States.

In the past, people would get bullied for watching anime. Some would keep it a secret. However everyone watches it now, and it’s a normal thing to watch. Society has changed in many ways, big and little ways, and this new “everybody watches anime now” is one way society has changed in many ways.