Another Big Win for Parkdale’s Boys and Girls Lacrosse Teams


On April 17th, Girls and Boys Lacrosse had their seventh game of the season against Dr. Henry A. Wise High School. The girl’s game was away at Wise HS at 5:30 pm whereas, the boy’s game was home at 5:30 pm.

By this time, both teams are well into almost halfway through their season. The record before that game stood at 1-5 for the girl’s team.

According to phspawprint, “Both teams had a crazy, difficult start to the season with building their teams” referring to last year’s team, however, that was not the case this year because of conditioning being held.

On game day, the girl’s team arrived at Wise around 4:00 pm. When they arrived they were faced with confusion as the opposing team did not know they had a game that day. They had to wait for the refs to come so they can let both teams know whether the game will proceed as scheduled or not. 

Luckily, the refs arrived at exactly 5:30 pm and the game started. 

Leading up to this day, the girls put all their best into working on skills, plays, catching ground balls, and working on shots on goal to help them with this game and also using what they’ve been learning from previous games to help them.

“My attitude in practice was to stay focus and having faith in my team and myself,” said senior Nadia Gebru. “After the game I knew that we had to keep that same energy for the next one.”

Unlike their past games, there were a lot of differences in this game than previous game. You can tell that the players trusted each other to catch their passes and help them win the game.