Gun control laws have been passed in the state of Maryland


(New York Times Upfront)

On Wednesday, April 12, a number of gun control laws passed the General Assembly in Maryland right before the end of the session. The lawmakers in the state of Maryland have been looking to pass these laws for some time now, trying to prevent gun violence within the state. 

This new law prohibits firearms if:

  • On supervised probation of a crime that has a max penalty of a year or more
  • On supervised probation of a DUI
  • On any type of supervision of a probation for violating a protective order.
  • Violators can face up to a year in prison along with a $1,000 dollar fee if the law is broken.

The law itself restricts where firearms are allowed to be, which receives mixed opinions from Maryland citizens.  However, it could provide more safety to public areas or crowded areas where people tend to be more often. On the other hand, outraged Marylanders are claiming that this new law violates their second amendment.

The general assembly also voted to make gun storage laws in order for minors to have less access to guns. Some feel these laws will not do much in terms of keeping Marylanders safe.

“Personally, I feel like it won’t make much of a difference because if you realize that we live in a state where there is mainly violence and guns all over do you really think a few laws might change that? People will continue to use and bring guns illegally, but that’s just from my perspective” stated Andrew Gainey.

With this in mind, other state residents feel a bit differently about the gun control laws.

“It isn’t much of an improvement, but it’s a start in the right direction,” said Leslie Cruz-Hidalgo. “Especially for areas where lots of people usually rally up at such as concerts, car meets, community events, etc, it could really make those areas with high amounts of people safer from shootings.”

Other residents aren’t so happy about the new regulations.“It’s not a bad thing, honestly it’s a good thing for making more regulations, but it’s something that should be thought about.” stated Mr. Gainey

Maryland state governor Wes Moore (D) had a few words to say of his own about the situation.

“I think we have to address the fact that we have illegal guns that are flooding into our neighborhoods, and we have to address the facts that there is no reason for people to be bringing firearms into hospitals and churches,” said Moore in an ABC 7 news article.

Additionally, the Maryland State Assembly increased the gun fees in order to discourage people from buying weapons. This is an act that has not been in since 1992. Furthermore, the gun control laws do bring its pros and cons to the state, but only more can be said as the time progresses on how these new laws hold up.