Maintaining a relationship in high school


Remember Troy and Gabriela from the movie ¨High School Musical¨? No, get that idea out your mind because that is NOT how high school relationships are. 

In a relationship, you have to realize that you are growing as a person mentally and physically, especially, in high school.

According to researchers and personal opinions being in a relationship has some disadvantages and advantages. 

“Advantages of being in a relationship in high school: Increases self-esteem, improves social status, has support and companionship, development of sexuality,” states Natalie Maximets a blogger on OnlineDivorce. 

Since I started high school, I have been in two different relationships that have made me grow and develop into the person that I am today. 

Some disadvantages of being a relationship at a young developing age can be early pregnancy, increased stress or depression in addition to harmful weight control. 

I think sometimes when people are in relationships in high school its always seen as “goals” or some form of admiration from others. Even though we are still young, we see people and think “GOALS”. 

This “goals” mindset tends to make the relationship just about impressing people. You know being a teenager everyone wants to be the cutest or the most known. 

For example, going out on dates and hanging out with each other all the time and giving gifts is what people see as “goals”. 

Before high school, I had no idea how to maintain a relationship with another person or how people could just be with one person ALL the time. The only thing I knew about dating was the things I learned on television shows, which ranged from relationships being a complete waste of time or you get to be high school sweethearts. 

I watched the show “Boy Meets World”, and that is how I figured out how a high school and/or college relationship really works. Cory and Topanga developed a friendship first, then a relationship and they were always honest with each other. 

Personally, the best advice I could give on dating at a young age is to just be honest and yourself. Being with someone and learning how they are can sometimes make you consider being with them. 

As a senior ,the best thing I have learned from all of my relationship is to always be honest with the person. Keep others out of your relationship and really listen to each other and you should be okay. 

Everything I said in here was random. DO NOT DATE. Never marry without a prenup.

Safmaster sailing out. Goodbye Parkdale!