Take it easy

Take it easy

 I still cannot believe that my high school career is a couple of days away from ending. I still remember the first day I walked into Parkdale like it was yesterday. I also remember the principal telling us that “these four years of high school will go by very quickly.” I personally felt like there were going to be four long years, but I was wrong. I am excited to begin my new chapter in life but nervous at the same time.   

These past four years have been a rollercoaster.

There were several challenges along the way, which thankfully, I was able to overcome. There are always challenges throughout our lives and we need to learn how to come out stronger when we lose. I believe that the challenges that I experienced at Parkdale will help me in my next chapter in life.  

We make decisions throughout our lives. We are unsure how our decision will affect what occurs in the future. Our decisions affect what will occur in the future and not in the present. Choosing a college was a hard decision. I did not believe former high school seniors would stress out choosing which college to attend. Although I am happy with my decision, I expect to have made the right decision.  

According to Forbes, “2.1 million college students transferred” to a different college in the 2020-2021 academic year. There are several reasons why a college student may decide to transfer. However, from the people I know, the most common reason they decided to transfer was based on their unhappiness with their social situation or the institution itself.

A suggestion I would like to give underclassmen is to not stress about their grades. I personally liked seeing only “As” on my report cards. However, I regret stressing too much. Yes, it is important to try your best in every subject, but do not stress. It’s your decision on what you would like to do next in life. So, simply learn and try to enjoy the moment.

Additionally, I would like to tell underclassmen that they should properly time themselves with the deadlines during their senior year. Senior year goes by very quickly and you will be in your last week of school when you least expect it. Make the best decision. Setting deadlines for yourself will allow you to have a more enjoyable senior year.  

Although this may be the end of a big chapter in my life. I am more than ready to begin the next chapter of my life.