Homeland Security, Office Systems Management put students on early career path


When starting high school, many questions come into play regarding the future; for example, what’s next after high school? Do I want to go to college? Can I afford to go to college? Many of these questions start to storm all classmen’s minds, especially if you’re a junior and senior in high school. Creating a second plan is the most crucial thing you can do, especially if you’re a senior.

Parkdale offers courses such as Homeland Security and Office System Management. If you don’t plan on going to college, these classes show you a variety of other alternatives you can choose career-wise. Taking these courses can help put you ahead in multiple careers. In these classes, you earn certificates and knowledge of different career paths.

In the course of homeland security, you earn certificates and learn about the different agencies of the homeland, their missions, and why they were created. 

“Homeland security students are making FEMA certificates. Students earn one at least once a month,” said Homeland Security teacher Mr.Boulware. “They are learning from the same book as I while earning my degree.” 

This course helps put stuent one step further ahead in any future jobs they are interested in Homeland Security than most adults.

While taking this course, students are earning college credit; not only is the Homeland helping them career-wise, but it helps boost their GPA and impress colleges by creating an imposing college resume if they are not looking for a career path in homeland security.

On the other hand, Office System Management is a course where students can learn to plan, design, and implement work in an organization and its offices. Students also earn certifications for computer application.

For example, students enrolled in these courses make MOS certifications, which can qualify them for many jobs such as Executive Assistant, Administrative Assistant, IT Support Technician, SharePoint Specialist, Database  Specialist, Workbook Developer, and  Research Analyst. 

Both of these courses help build different pathways other than college or career wise; both can possibly lead to a better future.