Wizards and Nationals release new Cherry Blossom Jerseys; fans react


Washington’s two biggest sports teams will be rocking pink in honor of the world-famous Cherry Blossoms.

This spring, Washington sports teams have been looking for a way to spice up their uniforms. It would only be so fitting that after years of pleading by the fans, they would incorporate Cherry Blossoms on their alternate jerseys! The Washington Wizards and Washington Nationals created cherry blossom inspired jerseys (pictured above), and fans can’t stop raving about them! 

“The Wizards Cherry Blossom editions are a great addition to the jersey collection they already have.” said senior Angelo Price Estrada, a huge fan of the team. “They represent a lot of culture, especially connections to nature which is fascinating,” said Estrada. 

Some may wonder why Cherry Blossoms are an icon of the DC area, so we’ll have a quick history lesson. 

History of the Cherry Blossom Trees 

In 1912, the mayor of Tokyo, Japan gifted the United States 3,000 cherry blossom seeds, with the promise they would turn into beautiful cherry blossom trees, and to build the friendship of the two countries. Over a century later, the cherry blossom tree has become an icon in the Washington DC region. When an average US citizen thinks of Washington DC, most people think of the iconic landmarks surrounding the Capital, such as the memorials, the landmarks, and the politics of the government. Rarely do outsiders understand the true beauty of cherry blossoms.  

Washington Wizards Cherry Blossom Jerseys

The basketball jerseys have been beloved by fans, as the hot pink is something that reminds fans of cherry blossoms in the city. Although the Wizards have faced notable hardship this season, with the team not even making the playoffs, the jerseys have given fans something to look forward to for the next season, as players will be wearing them.

Some fans really appreciate the addition of the blossoms. “It represents a lot of culture, especially connections to nature which is fascinating,” said Estrada. 

“Hopefully, the team will play as good as the jerseys look,” Estrada commented.

Washington Nationals Cherry Blossom Jerseys

The Nationals jerseys have also been a big hit in the Washington community. Within one day of release, the jerseys are already the top seller in terms of first day sales in MLB history. The Cherry Blossom themed uniforms sold out within minutes, and it is clear that the fans have decided with their wallet on how they like the jerseys. If anything, it is that the fans cannot get enough of these jerseys.

No other jersey has been as high selling as this one for the first week, breaking records for MLB sales of jerseys. 

In addition to the never before seen sales numbers, fans have expressed positive reviews toward the jersey. The Cherry Blossom Jerseys are “a great addition to their jersey collection.” said Estrada.

Let us know in the comments if you prefer the Wizards or Nationals jersey more!