Two Parkdale seniors explore other options than college

Two Parkdale seniors explore other options than college

As the year comes to a close. Parkdale High says goodbye to the class of 2022. The seniors now have a responsibility to figure out what is next after high school.

 People think about high school and immediately think of college. However, not everyone agrees with the idea. There are many different routes that people take, such as military, trade school, working field, etc.

Senior Jair Osorio Martinez has taken part in the military as an officer. 

¨I’m currently enlisted in the Army as a Military Police, [and] I fall under the National Guard for Maryland,¨ Osorio-Martinez stated. ¨ [This] allows me to have a civilian life and also a military career at the same time. I chose this branch since it always interested me as a kid. I wanted to do something for myself and be the first in my family to serve in the military.¨

Many students take a path that is different from others that may help them in their future careers or education. 

¨The military has many benefits that no one talks about,” Osorio-Martinez said. “I believe that the military will help me in buying a home, opening more doors down the road for jobs or opportunities that come. I came back being more responsible, more open, and more motivated to do things.”

However, going into the military has been known to change people, their mindset, perspectives in life or even build character. Researchers have discovered that this is where young men and/or women grow. 

¨Its true, I know I came back a different person the moment I got home from Basic Training. I was in the best shape of my life, I have more discipline, more responsible, I was more mature than when I left,” Osorio- Martinez claims. ¨My loved ones saw it the moment I arrived home, in the way that I talked, moved, and acted. Overall it benefited me a lot I am a much better person than I was before.There is no need to be scared of the change that will happen when you go into the military, what people should be more worried about is supporting the service member since there will be more bad days in the military then good ones. the support that you get can change the way you get things done in the military.¨

Taking different routes after school inspires others that may not want to take the basic path.  Senior Johnny Martinez-Duran has decided that he will be going to trade school after high school.   He hopes to start as an HVAC apprentice and ultimately become a master technician.

¨Honestly, there were two big factors that made me decide to go this route.,” Martinez-Duran said. “The first factor is that HVAC techs and trades in general offer really good salaries and being financially independent from my parents as soon as possible is one of my top priorities. The second factor was just that many aspects of college weren’t appealing to me, such as the high cost, the debt I could have after graduating, and how much stress I would get from college if that makes sense. ¨

After high school everyone is stressed with the big ¨What’s next?¨ question. Everyone should just go with their own flow and choose their own path. 

Goodbye, class of 2022! Do great things. Remember once a Panther, always a Panther.