Class of 2022 recap their high school experience

Class of 2022 recap their high school experience

To the late 2003 and 2004 kids that are 18, or 17 turning 18 this year, adulthood is officially here. Recap on moments of their high school experience and reflect on the things that happened throughout your experience. Looking back at all the moments in high school from starting freshman year in 2018, to now graduating in less than a month. PGCPS high school students are going to leave on May 13 and April is our last full month of being in school. We should applaud ourselves for the hard work and dedication in school and celebrate our success. 

As you would hear from other high school students, High school was a challenge, hard-work and required much time. Seniors had to balance their rigorous daily tasks with preparing for the future. 

Another challenge would be the pandemic, as this took much of our high school experience away; we missed out on a few important things, but thankfully we are now getting to come back to school and return to a somewhat normal senior experience.

Even though missing out on most of our high school experience was a bummer, we should also be optimistic about graduating this year. 

According to an article Why the class of 2022 should be optimistic about senior year – The Voyager, we shouldn’t give up easily on senior year. Quoting students specifically: “[we] get to have a senior year that is [at] least remotely normal having […] senior activities. Chance to go back to living their normal lives while in high school.” and also how a current senior is ready to graduate to begin their future.

In addition to seniors, current juniors can relate to how the majority of their high school experience was taken away due to covid. What Students Are Saying About What It’s Like to Be Back in School – The New York Times Adjusting back to the school routine was pretty difficult but we still made it possible. The pandemic took away much of our sophomore year, and all of junior year, but despite that we are able to say we made it. We should be very proud of ourselves for putting up with the challenges we have faced. 

Lastly, we have come a long way from the beginning of our high school year to now. Looking back at all the events that took place, we have grown and matured along the way. As we reflect on our past mistakes and doubts, we better ourselves. We deserve to be proud of ourselves and celebrate how much we have done in school. Now it is time to prepare ourselves for the real-world.