Should we continue to wear masks in the Spring and Summertime?


Going on two years into the pandemic, we’ve made it this far. We are somewhat returning back 

to a normal life, with no mask and more people choosing whether or not to get vaccinated to help stop the pandemic. The mask mandate has been lifted for many states in the U.S. According to most states, the board of education has lifted their mask mandate while others haven’t, such as schools in the District of Columbia. Schools have given the option for students  to wear a mask. While Maryland on the other hand has lifted the mask mandate as well as the board of education. Now it’s up to the school districts to decide whether they are lifting the mask mandate.

Whether the mask mandate is lifted or not, this is our safety we’re thinking of, our lives, and how this may impact us going forward. The mask mandate should not be lifted and we should continue to wear masks for many reasons. Getting rid of masks could lead to problems and getting rid of them permanently isn’t such a good idea. Asking students and adults for their opinion if they feel comfortable wearing a mask is what the majority of people would agree with. However, many may disagree and want the mask to be gone.

Masks should still be worn for the safety and protection of people. Since the warmer months are approaching this could be a reason why many people may not agree with wearing masks. According to a WebMD article, research studies found that a person experienced discomfort wearing a mask when it’s humid. Despite her discomfort, Dr. Teresa Murray Amato, Director of Emergency Medicine at Long Island Jewish Forest Hills in Queens, New York, resisted the urge to remove her mask — and she recommends that you do the same.

“COVID-19 continues to spread even in the humid heat of summer, so it’s important to keep wearing masks and maintaining social distancing to prevent transmission,” said Dr. Waleed Javaid, Director of Infection Prevention and Control at Mount Sinai Downtown in New York City. Remember that COVID is still here and we must do what is needed to make a stop to the virus.

Another reason why we should keep wearing masks is because of not only for social distancing in public but also for the courtesy of people. Giving enough space between you and people around in the area shows you have respect for them and yourself, whether you wear a mask or not in public.

Hospitalization percentages have decreased as well as cases around the world. Keeping masks mandatory will help stop the spread of COVID and continue these results.

Masks are important and so is our health. If we comply with the mask mandate/rules of COVID to prevent sickness we must do our part to keep everyone safe.