‘The People’s Convoy’ makes its way to the DMV area, annoying everyone along the way

A large group of truckers made their way from coast to coast to prove a point still unknown to most.

A large group of truckers made their way from coast to coast to “prove” a point still unknown to most.

After two long years, it seems that we are beginning to see some normalcy in our everyday lives. Schools are open, public places are open, even mask mandates have been lifted. However, something that everyone can agree on is that the COVID-19 pandemic has really brought out the crazy in people. A perfect example of craziness that has risen to the public’s attention due to COVID-19 is a group of “American Patriots” called the People’s Convoy.

The People’s Convoy set out from Adelanto, California on Feb. 23 and were bound for Washington DC. Their plan was to arrive in the DC beltway area by March 5, just five days after President Biden’s State of the Union Address.  Their mission? To be heard.

Now at this point, you may be wondering what point are they trying to get across or what cause are they going through all this trouble for? 

“It’s called the People’s Convoy because this is for every red-blooded person with a heartbeat that is concerned about our freedoms,” Marcus Summers, a 34-year trucking veteran from Millersburg, Ohio, told FreightWaves. “That’s the purpose of this convoy is our freedoms are being stripped away from us — the freedom to choose and not have the vaccine forced upon us or to have to wear masks.” 

So basically, they are fighting against having to wear a mask and taking away the COVID-19 vaccine. These people are taking days out of their lives to drive trucks across the country to tell people they are upset that they have to wear masks.

“Many drivers — nearly all white, nearly all men — flew flags supporting Donald Trump or opposing Joe Biden. Some displayed Confederate battle flags and placards against vaccine and mask mandates, even though those mandates have largely been lifted,” wrote triblive journalist Lenoard Pitts in an article about The People’s Convoy. The only state that still holds strict mask restrictions is Hawaii and those expired at 11:59 PM on March 25. This really makes you wonder what the heck the People’s Convoy is really fighting for.

The route the ‘People’s Convoy’ took backed up traffic across the nation.

Locally, the People’s Convoy have made a point to make sure they are being “heard” by forcing D.C. Police to shut down exits to steer the Convoy away from downtown DC. This caused traffic to come to almost a standstill along a four-mile stretch from the Potomac River to Anacostia around 12:00 p.m. on March 14. 

“I believe we’re making a good statement today,” said one truck driver whose journey was live-streamed under the account ZOT on Youtube. The Question is, what statement did they make? It seems all they did was cause traffic and interrupted people’s day. D.C. police began to reopen exits about 3:30 p.m. as the convoy departed the city.

In the end, The People’s Convoy not only interrupted the daily routine of several Americans, but they failed to truly make a point. This was an example of successfully making yourself the laughing stock of the country. With several mask mandates lifted and the optional route for the COVID-19 vaccine, The People’s Convoy just tried and failed at reopening an old 2020 debate on masks and vaccines.