Has anyone considered more fundraisers?

As for the school Parkdale High , with a current student count of 2,354, many students find themselves working around a community where they have to make the best with what they have. There are many school opportunities for beneficial growth, for example fundraisers that can change and inspire the image of highschool for students. The “highschool experience” The idea of attending school events, being involved and interactive are definitely part of the highschool image yet many students  have grown very isolated and shy. 

The “World’s Finest Chocolate ” box of sweets is an excellent Tradition the PGCPS county have worked with through the years in order to make money for ends meet in order to fulfill the desires of the upcoming graduating class. The class of 2023 were told to sell chocolates this year in order to have enough financial support for our prom, graduation and more. The fundraising sparked some questions among the students of Parkdale. Why don’t we do more fundraising? Why do we sell chocolates for only a short period of time? Why don’t we do more fundraising in order to fix the school up ? We could fix up the football field, we could fix up the school bathrooms and many more. Possibilities are endless when it comes towards improving the highschool community for students.

Although there will always be budget cuts and more important places money needs to go to make the school functional on a daily basis for example technology, art supplies, extracurricular activities, and even transportation. According to States Legislature Magazine “ The immediate effects of budget cuts can be felt in myriad ways. Outdated textbooks, larger classroom sizes, fewer extracurricular activities and a lack of classroom supplies are several examples. The long-term effects are less obvious. Student learning may suffer.” To put the curriculum first is understandable, first and foremost is our education but environmental factors change a lot of people’s attitudes towards learning and coming to school. Improvements around the school can go a long way with how students feel coming to school. 

The fundraiser is an important opportunity for students to do something important for the school and to fix up the school in a way that will benefit them and the school. Fundraisers are a great idea but work best with sponsors and we would have to get more sponsors for Parkdale.

Sponsors are a business or corporation giving money in exchange for publicity and good will and pays for their sponsorship out of marketing budgets. Everything starts with change. If we can simply start with making the school somewhat better, the school’s reputation will go up, the upcoming freshmans will have a greater experience and the image of the great “high school experience” will at least be closer to setting that bar for students.