Fashion icon Thierry Mugler dies, leaves behind lasting legacy

Thierry Mugler died of “natural causes.” Although his presence on this earth is no longer, his impact on the fashion industry will remain forever.

Thierry Mugler died of “natural causes.” Although his presence on this earth is no longer, his impact on the fashion industry will remain forever.

On January 23, legendary fashion icon Thierry Mugler passed away, but his impact on the fashion industry will last forever. 

Mugler was a fashion icon, a designer for the stars. Many of his pieces/designs are iconic, and everyone has seen them (whether you knew if it was Mugler or not).  Mugler’s influence on fashion has most likely impacted everyone. Although he is no longer present, Mugler’s legacy will remain.

Mugler was known to have done many ‘firsts’ in the fashion industry. He proposed the phenomenon of celebrities as models, which has completely revolutionized the fashion industry. Mugler recognized the power of celebrities. One of those celebrities was Diana Ross as she walked his Spring 1991 “Butterfly” collection alongside her 17-year old daughter (at the time) Tracee Ellis Ross.

“I will miss you Thierry Mugler[.] [This] was a wonderful time in our lives,” said Ross as she posted a picture on Twitter of herself on and the designer at the Mugler runway show in 1991. 

The late musician David Bowie often wore Mugler’s designs, merging the two art worlds of fashion and music together.

Another big musician associated with Mugler was the late David Bowie. Bowie famously wore a Mugler dress on his appearance to Saturday Night Live in 1979. Through this revolutionary and unforgettable look, Mugler introduced gender inclusivity on the catwalk. Bowie wore many more dresses by Mugler. 

Mugler is also known for fusing together fashion and music. Legendary musicians such as Beyonce, Cardi B, George Michael, Lady Gaga, Madonna, and many more, have worked with Mugler or have worn his pieces during their performances.

Mugler also made fashion history by Cardi B in three archival looks for the Grammys.

Resulting his influence, many more A-listers began replacing models on the cover of Vogue. In the past, Vogue and many other fashion magazines would only show models and supermodels.

Mugler’s influence was not only present during his time period, it is still present in today’s time.  Today, many celebrities are on not only the cover of Vogue, but are also on many other fashion magazines. 

In the fashion world, Mugler set many trends. Mugler introduced a  new concept (phenomenon) of power dressing. Power dressing was a new style of clothing and wardrobe, which showed women to be powerful and as equal as men. Mugler’s silhouettes were known to have given power to women. He is known to have reinvented how progressive women dressed for work.

Not only was Mugler an amazing designer, he was a humbled one. Mugler is known to be one of the first designers to open the doors of a fashion show to the public.

Mugler is also known for his use of unconventional materials in his designs. He pushed the norms of clothing construction and worked with materials like metal, latex, and leather. 

Mugler was the lead designer for the set design and costumes for Beyonce’s “I am…” tour in 2009.

Following his death, many celebrities spoke out and shared their condolences, including Beyonce, whose costumes and sets for her “I am…” tour were created by Mugler.

On her personal website, Beyonce posted a collection of Mugler looks which she had worn. Following the caption were the words “Rest In Peace Theirry Mugler.” 

Irina Shayk is known to have modeled multiple times for Mugler.  “Gone too soon. God of fashion … a rarely REAL, kindness, sweetest … [you’ll] always be missed by your Russian,” said model Irina Shayk after posting a tribute to Mugler on her Instagram.

Mugler famously came out of retirement to create Kim Kardashian’s Met-Gala piece in 2019.

“Manfred Thierry Mugler 💔 My heart breaks[,]” wrote Kardashian. “There’s no one like you! Your vision, your transformations, your magic! I am so honored to have known you, spent time with you[,] and be a muse for you. There was so much more for you to show the world and that we had planned to do together, but you already gave us so much”. 

Mugler forever changed the fashion industry. He aided in forming the present-day designer as a “multi-hyphenate ringleader with a 360-degree vision.” A legend has been taken from this world, but will never be forgotten.

Rest in peace Thierry Mugler.