March holidays you may not know

How many different holidays can you name? Of course there’s days like MLK Day, Indigenous People Day, Cinco de Mayo, Juneteenth, Mothers Day, stuff like that. I’m pretty sure everyone knows about most, if not, all of those but did you know that today is also a holiday? Yes, today.

These days are labeled as National Days or just holidays and observances.

There are 366 and a half, including leap year, days, 11 federal holidays, and almost 2000 national days. You read that right, almost 2000 national holidays and in the whole year. Most days have more than one holiday and it’s the weirdest thing. 

It all started with the original 11 federal holidays being established by congress but when it comes to the national days calendar, it was made by a guy who just wanted a national popcorn day. Marlo Anderson co-founded a website in 2013 and went wild making national days, weeks, and months. 

Check out what holidays to look forward to this month!

1st) Mardi Gras/Fat Tuesday – it is the last day of Carnival so today is full of feasts, festivals, and did I mention feasts?? Yup, all the drinks and foods you can find!

7th) Be Heard Day – this day encourages small businesses to get more recognition, shout them out!

10th) World Kidney Day – today, we spread awareness about kidney care. We need to take care of them as much as we can and also spread awareness for different kidney diseases because anything can happen to anyone, you never know. Things that can impact your kidneys can include diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, anorexia nervosa,and so much more so please protect and take care of yourself.

13th) Good Samaritan Day – we need to start providing for those in need and that is what today is for. Of course doing things that can help others who may need help the most is something that we should do everyday but today, do even more to help others. Celebrate your kindness to everyone, even strangers if you can.

15th) Everything you think is wrong day – this can help people realize that you can always be right about everything 

16th) Everything you do is the right day – don’t take what happened yesterday and contribute it to today. The point is when you’re right, you’re right. Flip a bottle and land it on the first try, even if it was the second or fifth. If someone tells you a joke and you guess an answer, you’re correct. Just remember, you can be right, even if things aren’t in the right lane.

19th) Poultry Day – all about eating birds. Literally. Today, we eat meat and eggs from domestic birds from chickens to quail. Get some eggs or turkey bacon for breakfast. Maybe some chicken feet for dinner, if you’re into that.

19th) Quilting Day – make quilt today or just bundle up in one if you can’t make one. This is about the love and dedication into making quilts so go and get one because we all love to stay warm in the coldest days.

22nd) National/World Agriculture Day – Agriculture is the science or practice of farming, including cultivation of the soil for the growing of crops and the rearing of animals to provide food, wool, and other products. Learn more about agriculture and how the products we use today are made. 

23rd) Near Miss Day – on this day in 1989, we could’ve died. We almost got hit by a HUGE asteroid or 4581 Asclepius. We made it this far, Let’s hope we don’t have to experience coming in full counter with an asteroid.

24th) Tuberculosis Day – Tuberculosis is an infectious bacterial disease characterized by the growth of nodules (tubercles) in the tissues, especially the lungs. Spread the awareness! Share someones story if you can!

27th) “Joe” Day – everybody’s name is now Joe for today so get ready to be annoyed with all the joe mama jokes. I mean, you could also be called Joey, Joseph, Jody, anything name that starts with Joe so shout out to all the Joe’s out there.

29th) Smoke and mirrors day – smoke and mirrors is a term used to describe something that may seem real but isn’t. It’s all about illusions.

30st) Manatee Appreciation Day – ah yes the sea cow, an animal that needs just as much help as other animals that are losing their homes, pollution,  climate change, and so much more. We need to save their home and with saving their home, we are also saving other animals’ homes. 

Even though we aren’t able to celebrate these types of days in school normally, some students think it would be a good idea to incorporate into the school day.

“I think it would be entertaining. The school needs more participation,” said senior Emely Ramos. “I think [the students] are fine as long as there are limits and rules of what people can do to maintain a clean environment.” They also mentioned the school cleanliness issue and making sure students follow the rules put in place for us to even participate in activities in general.

The smallest things we celebrate can leave a big impact so with more people knowing about the almost 2000 national days in a year, we could be having fun and spreading awareness to so many things, whether they’re big or small. Let’s have fun with these and come up with more fun ways to participate! Look out for April’s and every other month’s national days too!