‘The Fallout’ brings a number of issues to light

  Everyday tragedy happens, children dying due to gun violence. On January 27 director Megan Park presented us with “The Fallout”. The  movie that shines a light on the serious topic of gun violence and the effect it has on children

      Jenna Ortega and Maddie Ziegler being the main characters of the movie portray two young girls, who both happen to be at the same place at the same time. The young girls sadly had to experience  a school shooting from a bathroom stall, leaving them with nothing but fear and each other.

     Director Megan Park really focused on the impact gun violence can have.  Showing it through the main characters and how it can be a mix of fear, denial, anxiety, and sadness all in one. 

     Nowadays people tend to not talk about these topics and how a child can prepare for this moment if it were to happen. Only leaving it up to the movies/documentaries to speak on how this can happen at any moment when you least expect it. By “people” meaning schools like Parkdale High. 

   The US has had 1,316 school shootings since 1970 and are only increasing. One school for example is Sandy Hook elementary. They were one of many schools that had a mass shooting leaving 28 dead and 2 injured. Guns are the leading cause of death among children and teens. 

    On January 28, of this year, Parkdale High went on lockdown for police activity in the community. Students at the time were convinced that one of the students of Parkdale High was stabbed on school property. Later finding out the photo was fake. Even though the photo turned out fake, the fear remains throughout the school. Kids are made to feel unsure. 

   Situations like what happened at Parkdale High are what movies like “Fallout” advocate for. Acknowledging what kids go through or might go through.

    It goes without saying the teens in this movie didn’t know how to deal with what they faced. Only having them turn to drugs, alcohol, and making bad decisions. Some didn’t speak about it at all leaving it all bottled up. Some didn’t even have parental support. Some turned it into something they can advocate for and maybe create change. 

   Not only did the movie focus on such a serious topic but it also focused on friendship, something much lighter. Even though the characters Vada and Mia were complete opposites before their encounter. They gained a friendship and maybe even a future relationship because of this incident. 

   “The Fallout” is a must watch especially if you’re looking for great emotion in a movie. It can be a rollercoaster of emotions but it’s a very comforting  and an enduring movie.

  Critics think “The Fallout” is empathetic and well-acted. They also believe that it might go down as one of the year’s best films. 

 Just like me, critics also believe that “it’s only until we can talk about these issues openly that we are able to find some hope of overcoming them,” said critic Allen Almachar.  

 “The Fallout” is a favorite and must watch of this year. Take a look and endure the message.