The Woman in the House Across the Street From the Girl in the Window: Spoiler Review

Have you watched the new Netflix original show “The Woman in the House Across the Street From the Girl in the Window”?, if not you’re in for a ride. Oddly enough it is very similar to Netflix’s movie “ The Woman in the Window”  

Kristen Bell plays the protagonist in the show, as for the movie the protagonist is played by Amy Adams.

According to Independent.Co. “Both protagonists are called Anna. The film – which was critically slated – starred Amy Adams as a child psychologist rendered agoraphobic after suffering a tragedy. Likewise, Bell’s Anna develops a debilitating case of ombrophobia (a fear of the rain) after the loss of her family.”

With the tomatometer only being 26%, “The Woman in the Window” was a flop on netflix, which caused them to create the 2022 series “The Woman in the House Across the Street From the Girl in the Window”

Kristen Bell and Amy Adams both play the character Anna. Although “The Woman in the Window” was a flop on netflix, both actors played the role of the character well. Although these two films are similar, they also contain a multitude of differences.

Amy Adams plays a more serious role of Anna while Kristen Bell plays a more humorous/dramatic role. The movie based on Anna was more of a thriller/mystery while the show was more of a mystery/parody. 

The films both have slight differences. While Adam’s Anna has a fear of the outside, Bell’s fear is from the rain.  Both Anna’s suffer from a tragedy, However,  in the movie Anna loses her whole family wheras in the show Bells Anna loses her daughter and ends up in a divorce. Because the script was written differently, looking at  the review section many people have their own opinions on both the show and movie. 

  • “ Please Skip the series with Kristen Bell with the long title and watch this movie “The woman in the window” with Amy Adams which in comparison is much better and the plot wasn’t turned into a stupid joke with a Bingo! at the end…glad I skipped that series to just watch the final episode” said user Jessica Willis
  • “AMAZING! So many twists and turns,” Said user Cindy Gurrusquieta,”Keeps you on edge and by episode 4 I was so on edge I didn’t wanna continue watching. Now after finishing I can’t wait until they make another season. My husband and I absolutely loved it. The acting was great. I see some reviews commenting on Kristen Bell’s acting, but in my opinion that is how her character’s role was supposed to be and I think she did a damn good job.” 

With such a long title, people became drawn to watch the 8 episode series . The show is about a woman named Anna who’s a painter. She suffers a tragedy after losing her daughter. She now mainly spends her days looking out her window popping herself a glass of wine filled to the rim everyday. Anna also develops the habit of mixing her medication for her mental health with alcohol consistently. When a new guy named Neil and his daughter Emma move in across the street, she begins to have her eye on the handsome new neighbor, but things take a turn when she believes she has just witnessed a murder through her window. 


Emma was the murderer! Samsara Yett did an outstanding performance playing her character Emma. It was an unexpected turn, but on the last episode we found out that she killed not only Neil’s girlfriend Lisa  (the murder Anna saw through her window)  but her mom and her dad Neil as well. Emma’s character came off as an innocent and  sweet child who goes around trying to sell her chocolate boxes for school. However, If you pay close attention to the scenes in the show, Samsara does a great job at making the audience feel suspicious of her character Emma.. 

The show ended off on a cliffhanger with Anna on a plane on her way to visit her sister in New York. She ends up sitting next to this older woman. After drinking a little too much vodka, she wakes up a few hours later to go to the bathroom and finds the older lady dead in there. After getting the flight attendant to show him the dead woman, no one was in the bathroom when she came back. The flight attendant told Anna to sit down and that there was no lady sitting next to her. The mystery continues…. 

Given that the show was more of a parody film, “The Woman in the House…” was not a bad show. Each episode was only about 25-30 minutes long and kept you on the edge. “The Woman in the Window” was not as exciting. Netflix definitely improved on the script writing on the show making it more appealing to watch for teenagers.