Female captain leads Parkdale wrestling program to success

SHOOT! That’s what a coach will typically say in a high intensity wrestling match. Did you know that we have our very own wrestling team? In a backroom behind the gym, our wrestlers continue to work hard, long after students have left the campus. The Parkdale co-ed wrestling team established this year has been building up their program, and creating solid wrestlers for our school. 

But there is something major that many people may not expect from a wrestling team: the captain is a woman! 

Captain of the wrestling team and senior Yasmin Hammadi has led the team to impressive highs during the season. From boasting multiple wins during tri-meets and competitions to commendable individual performances throughout the season. Although wrestling is generally a male-dominated sport, Hammadi has broken the mold for sure.

¨It’s a man’s sport, and I’m 4’11, so they don’t see me as a threat. Being a female wrestler, others see you as weak and they think because they are a man they are able to win against you because they are men, but that’s not always the case.

— Yasmin Hammadi, Wrestling Team Captain

Questions have surfaced, on people’s thoughts about a girl competing in a predominately male sport. 

¨It’s never a win-win situation losing to a female.” Said Hammadi. She further explains how men may be subject to ridicule if they lose a match against a woman.

Although Hammadi is a strong person with a lot of character, some still fear for her safety. 

¨My friends and family support me, even though they are scared for me, because I’m going against guys.” Said Hammadi. “ Still, they have faith in me and support me regardless of anything.¨ 

However, some still feel as though wrestling is not made for girls. 

¨It is very hard to explain to people at times due to the fact that they think: ¨Guys hurt me, they slam me, they never think of the positive side of it, they only see that I am getting hurt.¨ said Hammadi.