Local ‘nameless’ football team searching for name


The Washington Football Team–once named the Washington Redskins–will be donning a new name on February 2nd.

Nicholas Armenta, Reporter

The Washington Redskins was the name of a NFL football team that played in the Washington Metropolitan area.  After years of controversy over the name, the team was eventually named the Washington Football Team as a placeholder until their official name is picked this week on February 2nd.

The football team will be picking from the top three out of these names, to replace the place holding name, The Washington Football team: 

  • Admirals
  • Armada
  • Brigade
  • Commanders
  • Defenders
  • Presidents
  • Redhawks
  • Red Hogs
  • Sentinels

Due to Native American organizations and people criticizing the team’s previous name, the Former title “Redskins” was changed in July 2020 as well as the logo that was once a Native American man with a feather in his head.

Jason Wright, president of the Washington football team, said in an interview that the team “will retain the traditional burgundy and gold colors that are entrenched in the team’s history.”  

Many students who attend Parkdale are fans of the Washington Football team as the FedEx Field stadium where the Redskins play is about 18 minutes away from the school.

“I personally never had a problem with the original name ‘Redskins,'” said one Parkdale junior. “But I can see how a minority of people can feel offended by that name and the mascot. I’m excited to see what name the organization picks on February 2nd.” 

Because of familiarity with the team, its logo and its name, other students also agree that they never saw the offensiveness of the original name that caused so much controversy.

“I grew up with my dad being a dedicated “Redskins” fan,” said a Parkdale sophomore. “He bought all the merch that was associated with the team and I never looked at it as something offensive. It’s been almost two years since the name and logo were removed and honestly, I’m just interested to see how this new logo and name is going to look like.” 

With the changing of the name and the logo, the Football Team’s organization did also was ban Native American-inspired headwear and Native American-resembling face paint.

Overall, the wait will soon be over and the anticipated name of the Washington football team will be chosen soon.