Upcoming Animes to watch out for In 2022

Even though the 2021 anime season has now just come to a close, the 2022 line up has already been confirmed with new anime, like “Black Lock” and “Spy x Familyand continuing anime seasons, like “Attack on Titan The final season – Part 2”, “The Rising Shield Hero” and more.

Anime line ups have also been announced for 2022, including an upcoming “Slam dunk” movie, “Jujutsu Kaisen 0”, “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero”, and more. 

The following have been confirmed to have a 2022 release date.

“Chainsaw Man” – 2022 ( It is set in world where devils are born from human fears and the stronger the fear, the more powerful the devils are. ) 

 “Blue Lock” – 2022  (  “The story is set in an alternate world in which the Japanese soccer team’s low ranking at the 2018 FIFA World Cup leads to the creation of a huge program aimed at finding the best young striker in the country”. )  

“Attack On Titan”, the series which began airing in 2014, has captivated global audiences in the years since, becoming one of the most well-known anime series worldwide. The second part to the final season will premiere in January and release on Crunchyroll and funimation. 

“The Orbital children”

The Orbital children, is set in the near future 2045. AI has rendered space travel easy, A group of children , two born on the moon and two from earth. They must survive on their own after being stranded on their space station. The series is set to be released on Netflix on Jan 28th. 



“Spy x Family”

Elite spy Loid Forger is forced to pose as afamily man in order to get close to a high ranking political official in a rival nation. This means he has to adopt a daughter and also recruit a city worker who will pose as his wife. “Spy x Family” will premiere in April of 2022. 

This isn’t even half of the show that will be airing this winter. A new year and new anime to check out for the winter like the Strangely Wild Sabiki Bisco, Tokyo 24th ward, and the visually beautiful Akebi’s sailor Uniform which I myself am currently enjoying. 

Sabikui Bisco 

One of the more intriguing shonen anime airing this winter is Sabikui Bisco. The show is about, A wanted criminal who uses a bow and arrow to sprout gigantic mushrooms wherever he shoots. The series does get weird, but what isn’t weird when it comes to anime. 

Here’s the full list of anime coming out in Winter 2022 that will also be available to watch in the US:

  • “Akebi’s Sailor Uniform”
  • “Attack On Titan Final Season Part 2” 
  • “Sabikui Bisco” 
  • “Blue Lock”
  • “Spy x Family” 
  • “Chainsaw man”
  • “24th Ward” 
  • “The orbital Children”

Due check out these new shows. 2022 is just beginning and there is more to come. Let’s start the year in a happy mindset.