Parkdale students have difficulty managing with recent distribution of lockers


Enrique Arteaga Lucero

Despite students’ disdain, lockers are now mandatory and students are no longer permitted to carry their belongings with them.

Parkdale students have gone through the building with their bookbags on since the beginning of school in September. This was due to the fact that lockers were not distributed in order to avoid the spread of COVID-19. Despite this, since December 2, lockers have been mandatorily distributed to all Parkdale students. 

The recent distribution of lockers has been difficult for Parkdale students to get used to because this is the first school year in the building since 2020.

“A lot has changed since before the pandemic and it hasn’t been easy adjusting to the new school year,” said junior Carlos Ochoa. “Lockers have only made things worse.” 

Firstly, the recent distribution of lockers has made staying safe from COVID-19 more difficult than it was before. The CDC recommends “middle school students and high school students should be at least six feet apart in communities where transmission is high.” 

Since school started, Parkdale’s hallways have been packed with students trying to get from point A to point B. The distribution of lockers has made this an even bigger issue because students are now shoulder to shoulder with each other as they stop by their lockers. Students adjusting their mask, applying chapstick and touching up their make up with their mask down makes the potential risk of catching the virus much greater. 

Secondly, lockers have made managing time much more difficult for Parkdale students.

“Getting to class on time has been a lot more stressful since lockers were given out,” said junior Jordi Perea. “I have to go across the whole school to get to my locker on time.”

Many factors have contributed to students arriving late to school, especially during the pandemic. Parents may have new jobs with schedules that unfortunately do not match their child’s schedule. Students who once took the school bus might not be able to anymore because of the recent bus shortages. This has resulted in students having to walk to school or take public transportation, which at times might not have schedules that match student schedules.

On top of all of this, students are still expected to drop off their belongings in their locker before class begins at 7:45. 

Thirdly, lockers have resulted in students leaving school later than the 2:25 dismissal time.

“Ever since lockers were given out again, I’ve been getting home 10 minutes later than usual,” said Ochoa. This is a big issue for those students who take the school bus and public transportation back home or for those who must return home as early as possible. 

The recent distribution of lockers has been a hassle for Parkdale students to manage and it seems as though there is no real purpose for lockers this school year where all textbooks and assignments are online.