Parkdale Media Center opens up as lunch period location option


Enrique Arteaga Lucero

Beginning in November, students with a Library Lunch Pass can use their 30-minute lunch period to relax in the Library Media Center.

Since school started in September, the Parkdale cafeteria has been packed full of students. Many Parkdale students feel that going to the crowded cafeteria during the lunch period might not be the best fit.

“The cafeteria can get loud and messy really quickly,” said junior Edwin Amaya. The loud and crowded environment of the cafeteria causes students to feel overwhelmed and uncomfortable. Luckily with the recent distribution of library lunch passes, Parkdale students now have an alternative to the cafeteria during the lunch period.

The distribution of library lunch passes began on November 3, and the process of obtaining a pass is simple. In order to obtain a library lunch pass, students must head to the school’s library before the beginning of class and pick up a library lunch pass. The passes are provided by Ms.Johnson, the school’s Library Media Specialist. After obtaining a pass, students can head back to the library at the beginning of their lunch period and turn in the pass. Once they’ve turned in the pass, students must sign in using the provided QR code or weblink at the front desk of the library. Also, keep in mind that each day has a new lunch pass, so students should make sure they obtain a new pass every day they want to visit the library during the lunch period. 

The addition of the Library Lunch Passes have been helpful for students who weren’t the biggest of fans of the crowded cafeteria. “The library is much more quiet and cozy than the cafeteria,” said senior Alejandra Amaya. 

The library is a comfortable environment that has a variety of benefits. The mission of the school Library Media program in Prince George’s County is to “ensure that students and staff are effective users of ideas and information.” The library offers a quiet space for students to study, read and complete assignments. The library also encourages students to read more and can be the perfect place to explore genres of books and develop reading and comprehension skills. It can also help students navigate the internet to find reliable and valuable information. Furthermore, the library also promotes learning of diverse life skills and helps develop learning and thinking skills. 

By comparison, the cafeteria can be a loud and overwhelming environment for students. To Amaya, the cafeteria is constantly “ super crowded, loud, and unbearable.” 

The cafeteria can quickly become crowded with students waiting to eat and socialize. At times, sitting around other students with their masks down while eating and talking to one another can be uncomfortable. Furthermore, crowded places such as the cafeteria can be an easy place for bacteria to spread, especially when nearly everyone has their mask down. 

For these reasons, it might be beneficial to step away from the overwhelming cafeteria and head to the cozy library during your lunch period.