Opinions vary on which online platform is most useful: Google Classroom or Canvas?


With online learning still very much part of schooling for PGCPS students, the battle between Canvas and Google Classroom has resulted in differing preferences.

For recent school years, Google Classroom has been the go-to online platform for PGCPS teachers to give students their assignments, materials and grades. In fact, during the 2020-2021 virtual school year, PGCPS students relied entirely on the website to access their courses.  

Because of this, students have become used to the normal routine of the site. However, since PGCPS will be transitioning to a Canvas-based school system beginning in the 2022-2023 school year, some teachers have decided to use Canvas while others still holding on tight to Google Classroom. 

This division between the two sites has left many students and teachers alike wondering, ¨which is better?¨

¨Canvas,” said American Sign Language teacher Ms. Whitney McDonald. “It reminds me of a college course that is easy to use and user friendly.¨

Google Classroom has been used by students countywide for quite some time now since the PGCPS emailing system is part of the Google Suite. 

¨Google Classroom is better because it’s faster for me to turn in my work and access my grades,” said senior Gyanni Champion. “The site is easier to understand, [and] it’s what I’m used to using.¨

According to bloggers at TrustRadius.com, both Canvas and Google Classroom have unique features that target their audience base.   The site explains that Canvas is better for “the more administratively-focused needs of higher education.” 

Canvas being on the collegiate level may be the reason students find the online platform Google Classroom more user-friendly. 

The online blog explains that Google Classroom’s  “ease of use makes it accessible for younger students in remote or in-person situations, such as independent work in the classroom.”  In addition to this, Google Classroom is free for schools.

It was announced at the beginning of the school year that PGCPS would soon be using Canvas as their main online platform rather than Google Classroom, so for those who enjoy the new platform, this came as good news.

¨Canvas work submissions and setting up modules are easier than Google Classroom,” said Ms. McDonald.  “Canvas gives students college and career readiness[because] students in college use nearly the same platform as canvas, for instance, the Blackboard app.¨

However, although  students are supposed to be preparing for the college level, many find that the newly-implemented Canva site just isn’t worth it. 

Champion was also asked which site works best for her educational wise. ¨In Google Classroom, […] the teacher can add attachments and everything that is included to complete the assignments,” said Champion. “It’s easier to understand.”