Pro-choice advocates rally to fight against restrictive abortion laws


There has been a lot of talk about the rallies that have been happening worldwide due to the new abortion laws that are taking place. Texas passed a law stating that a woman can not abort a child after 6 weeks of pregnancy. This has caused many people to become upset. Women and men have been coming together from everywhere to protest. 

According to the Washington Post, in DC there were thousands of protesters screaming “abortion is healthcare!” There were also signs that said “keep your laws off my body.” 

 “What women are fighting for is right,” said senior Abu Sesay. “It is not fair that they don’t have the basic everyday right of choosing their own path and what they want. In life no one should have a say over your life.”

What the government is failing to realize is that they are imposing a threat to our women and especially our younger women. Most women fail to realize they are pregnant at six weeks , 90% of women don’t start to have symptoms till they are 8 weeks pregnant according to 

Another thing that the government is failing to realize is the circumstances that someone may be in. They don’t know if the woman that is pregnant has been raped, or isn’t financially stable to support the baby. They would just be adding more kids to the broken foster care system. 

“The new abortion laws place a threat to women’s rights,” said Karina Diaz. “There is a clause in the 14th amendment specifically towards the rights of privacy which protects a woman’s rights to have an abortion. 

According to there are many states that are severly restricted when it comes to having an abortion such as Texas, Louisanna, Mississppi, Alabama,Georgia, South Carolina, Indiana, and the list continues. 

There were women in Mexico also fighting for their rights, and this was all over the news , and social media, especially tik toks. There were loads of videos that showed creative signs that people had made. Some said “real men are feminist” , “my arms are tired from holding this sign from the 1960s”.

What we can all conclude about this is that pro-choice advocates will not go down without a fight, until the restrictive abortion laws are changed.