Parkdale students achieve county student government roles for over four consecutive years

On May 3, Prince George’s County Regional Association of Student Governments (PGRASG) announced that two current Parkdale students and one former Parkdale student showed will be working side by side for the school year 2021- 2022 as they assume leadership roles in the county’s student government. 

Junior Realyn Del campo, sophomore Isha Sesay and sophomore Alvaro Ceron Ruiz, who are all first generation students, were nominated into a variety of student leadership roles that will put them at the forefront of decision-making within PGCPS.  Meet these three leaders below!

Realyn Del campo 

All her life, people have always told Del campo that she was destined for something great as soon as she walked into any room. When the opportunity of the election for president of PGRASG came across her, she could not pass it up. 

Del campo has always been interested in leadership and advocacy. She held many positions throughout her high school career, including vice president of her class during her sophomore year. Then, during her junior year, she became the executive vice president, was appointed as a High School Advocate for PGRASG, was a workshop leader for the Maryland Association of Student Councils, and was part of the Student Member of the Board Advisory Council. At the end of her junior year, she moved up the leadership board and won the seat for Presidency of PGRASG. 

“Being president of PGRASG is a privilege and an honor,” said Del Campo. “Knowing that over 140,000 students believe in me is one of the best feelings to ever experience.” 

Without support from those who also love to advocate for students’ wants and needs, it would be impossible for one to succeed and achieve their goals. She plans on executing her duties by first building a reliable and trustworthy team.

 “By using my platform to advocate, communicate and execute, I can use this to enhance student engagement and have a PGRASG year like no other.” 

Contact Realyn Del campo at [email protected] for any questions! 

Isha Sesay

Being in the International Baccalaureate program that required hours of her time did not stop Isha Sesay from being in the “bag”, as the student leader put it. Sesay has always wanted to be a leader, and she came to the realization that staying within her local community was not enough. 

With the help of her SGA advisor, Mr. Adams, she ran for first vice president of PGRASG. She plans to promote student engagement, be a voice for academic advocacy and unite all regions of Prince George’s County as a reminder that we aren’t just an organization, but neighbors, friends and a passionate community. Before she decided to run, she held numerous influential leadership positions, which include president of the class of 2023 during her sophomore year as well as being part of the mock trial team. 

“Being vice president [of PGRASG] means being a persistent leader for the better of our county,” said Sesay. “I don’t plan on misusing the title of being the 1st vice president in any way.  I am more than ready to put in the work and late nights to assure that PGRASG is meeting the needs of the students in Prince George’s County.” 

Contact Isha Sesay at [email protected] for any questions!

Alvaro Ceron Ruiz

Alvaro Ceron Ruiz is a former student at Parkdale, who currently attends Eleanor Roosevelt High School and was elected as Student Member of the Board. 

“It’s believed the elected student may be the first Latino student member of the Prince George’s County School Board­­,” stated  NBC Washington in an article. 

In previous school years, he has testified before the school board regarding the importance of Financial Literacy, been involved in PGRASG for three years, held positions that range from Middle School advocate, Gold Mentor and Chief in Staff of the school year 2020-2021, and served as Maryland Associate of Student Councils (MASC) treasurer for the year 2020-2021. Ceron Ruiz looks forward to executing his responsibilities by ensuring that he engages with PGRASG since he is now in a position to make the change the student government needs.

“Being a SMOB is a huge responsibility and it takes great commitment and dedication to ensure that the students’ voices are being heard by adults who are in positions to change policies”, said Ceron-Ruiz. 

Contact Alvaro Ceron Ruiz on Instagram at @alvaro.ceronruiz for any questions!