How to start a collection and what to collect


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Collecting is a relatively simple and fun hobby that many people, young and old, take part in. What makes collecting exciting and fun is the fact that a collection can be made out of any item. The choices are endless, yet starting a collection can oftentimes feel more difficult than it really is. The good news is that this article is here to help make starting a collection easy, simple, and rewarding to any beginner collector.

For starters, collecting is a great and very beneficial hobby that anyone can pick up. “Many collectors report that spending time with their collections leaves them feeling relaxed, less stressed, and better able to unwind,” says His And Hers Mag.

A development in observation and gathering skills is another benefit that comes from collecting. Collecting can also help increase creativity and knowledge through the variety of interesting items that can be collected.

Trying to find the “perfect” item to start a collection with can feel overwhelming, but that can easily change into an exciting experience. Naturally, make sure to start a collection off right with items you enjoy and find fascinating. Collecting should be something to enjoy for a lifetime and what better way to make collecting exciting than to collect things you love.

“Buy With Your Heart. If you love it and can afford it, get it!” says LiveAbout. 

The item you decide to choose should also be relatively inexpensive to avoid stressful situations and continue an exciting experience. Once you have found your “perfect” item, continue building upon your newly made collection by collecting more of that item.  

There are a variety of items that can be collected, but there are a few standout items under $30 that are great for starting a collection. Firstly, Vinyl records and CDs have recently risen in popularity and are a great item to collect, especially for music lovers of all sorts of genres. There are also Funko Pops which are fun and vibrant figurines that have a wide variety of characters from all sorts of popular comic books, tv shows, and movies. Lastly, Vintage items, like some clothing, can also be a fun way to start a collection and to find new ways to express yourself. 

An important thing to always keep in mind when starting a collection is to always be financially responsible. Collecting is meant to be a fun and peaceful hobby, and the last thing anyone wants is to be stressed over the amount of money being spent. 

“Although having a collection is fun, going over your budget isn’t worth it,” says sophomore Yoseli Carbajal. “Besides, there may be a better deal in another location.” 

Lastly, taking care of the items in your collection is very important to keeping a long lasting collection, and to avoid scratched, broken, or stained items that may not be replaceable.