Damages during hurricane season leave residents at a disadvantage


If it were up to me to decide, I would classify  hurricanes as the worst type of natural disaster. Hurricanes have killed many people, and have left many people with absolutely nothing. Do you honestly think we are prepared for hurricane season this year? 

Hurricanes have left millions of people damaged. Some damages include physical and mental. Hurricanes have made a tremendous amount of damages that include money. In the article USA: Expected costs of damage from hurricane winds and storm-related flooding it explains how the expected annual cost of hurricanes is approximately $54 billion, which is equivalent to 3 percent to the nations current gross domestic product. Imagine how these people felt when they saw their homes broken into pieces because of a hurricane.

There are many interviews out there with different types of victims. But this interview,  CNN Interview with Hurricane Harvey Victim goes Awry is an interview that caught my attention. Why? Because you can hear the pain in the mother’s voice, crying, as a result of what she went through with her kids. This mother was so upset. It felt horrible watching this because this mother had already gone through so much, lost so much, but yet there were people trying to interview her!

As many of you know, hurricane season is horrible. So people are actually starting to prepare for hurricane season! According to Public safety officials: ‘It is time to prepare’ for hurricane season in Northwest Florida , Florida residents are starting to prepare now! They are asking all residents to stock up on food, supplies, and medication for at least up to two months!

Not only that but this article Florida hurricane season: Emergency managers talk decision to evacuate  encourages residents to start evacuating now! If a  hurricane were happening now as we speak, it would take approximately 12 to 30 hours to evacuate. This is pretty scary if you ask me. 

Hurricanes leave many people hurting. In the article, Facts + Statistics: Hurricanes | III , we witness some valuable information. For instance, the amount of deaths caused by hurricanes. In 2019, there were a total of six hurricanes, and a total of 15 deaths. The year with the most deaths caused by hurricanes is the year of 2005, Hurricane Katrina, with a total of 1,518 deaths.

This is honestly so crazy. I don’t think there is a year that goes by without a hurricane causing deaths. However, there is nothing we can do about it, but take precautions early and safely while following the rules.