Why Generation Z is our best generation by far


Our population is “too loud”, “too lazy”, and “too obsessed” with our devices/social media. Many of the older generations believe that the future is left in the hands of immature children who are not in-tune with what goes on in the world but, the Gen Z population might actually be the best generation.

Although history is taught, most of the Gen-Z population was born into the world when technology and smartphones were more common, meaning we don’t have the knowledge of knowing how life was before having devices. This increases the chances of solving the most popular and important problems in our world.


Americans these days are becoming more open with the LGBTQ community. According to Them.comThe 2020 figure also marks a dramatic surge from 2012, when just 3.5% of Americans said they were LGBTQ+. That rise represents a 60% increase in identification in less than a decade. A similar trajectory would see the community’s numbers grow to nearly 9% of the population by 2030 (about 32 million people, based on current projections.)” The Gallop poll also shows that 5.6 % of adults in the U.S. identify as Transgender, Lesbian, Bisexual or Gay. 

On the popular app Tik Tok, many of the Gen Z’ers created a trend called #rulesformykids where many only of the younger generation tell their viewers how they would raise their children. Many of them said they would support their child if they were a part of the LGBTQ community. The younger the generation, the more accepting. The older, the less accepting it gets and according to PewResearch “Millennials are the least likely to say they would be upset (29%) if their child told them he or she was gay or lesbian. But the older the respondents, the more likely they are to say the moment would be a difficult one: 36% of Gen Xers say they would be upset, as would 47% of Boomers and 55% of Silents.”

The members of the LGBTQ community have been fighting for their rights for a very long time and for the past 10 years people have been saying they are becoming more accepted. 


The Gen-Z population does not see the same racial boundaries that the older generations of America  have in the past.  According to Pacific Standard  “More than three-quarters of white Gen Z’ers would approve of a family member marrying someone of a different race or ethnicity; only about a third of white senior citizens are equally supportive. This reliance on psychology more than “biology” affects who Generation Z sees as belonging, and for whom they feel a duty to care.” 

This generation has also been using TikTok as a way to spread awareness of The Black Lives Matter protests and also Asian hate crime. On May 18th, Joe Biden officially signed the Anti-Asian hate crime bill.

Yes, the meaning behind race for most young people could depend on who you were raised around, but there is definitely a difference in race then how it was back then. 


The Gen-Z population made up one tenth of the electoral votes this election and with this election being one of the most important ones, Gen Z’ers definitely came out and voted. According to Politico out of all the registered Gen-Z voters, 52 percent of them did not approve of Donald Trump’s doings. 

With most of the younger population being more diverse than the older generations, most of them could agree that African Americans are treated more unfairly than White Americans. According PewRearch.org  “On views about race relations, Gen Z Republicans are more likely than older generations of Republicans to say that blacks are treated less fairly than whites. Among Republicans, 43% of Gen Z’ers say this, compared with 30% of Millennials and roughly 20% of Gen Xers, Boomers and Silents.”


They say the Gen Z’ers will make our future worse, but it seems like things are getting better. More people are becoming more open and understanding towards some of the biggest issues we have in America. Our future is definitely in the hands of brilliant minds and opening young adults/teenagers.