Islamophobia: when will it end?

Islamophobia: when will it end?

Phobia means to have an extreme fear of or to something. Islamophobia means to have an extreme fear of  Islam. If this is a fear, then why are people getting killed and stripped away of their human rights? 

In France, women and children have been forced to take their hijabs off due to the new laws that have been made against the Islam religion

The French Senate on March 30 voted in favor of legislation that, if passed, would ban Muslim girls from wearing hijabs in public. The legislation might also prohibit Muslim women from wearing burkinis, or full-coverage swimsuits, in public pools, and ban hijab-wearing mothers from going on school trips with their children. This violently targets the more than four million Muslims living in France.”

People are supposed to be free and have the right to be any religion they choose to be. Being apart of the Islam community, it’s heartbreaking to see our fellow followers being treated as if they were less than any other human. 

“Following this pattern, about a year after the Muslim travel ban was passed, letters calling for a “Punish a Muslim Day” were sent to people in the United Kingdom, and they contained Islamophobic tasks and an associated point system for completing them, according to the New Stateman. These tasks ranged from pulling a woman’s hijab off for 25 points to 2500 points for nuking Mecca.”

“The French Senate has passed a measure that would ban anyone under the age of 18 from wearing a hijab in public. This is an amendment to a law that the government introduced to address religious extremism. Another amendment would ban the body-covering swimsuit known as the burqini at public pools and beaches. While these are unlikely to become law, they continue a debate among French lawmakers over Muslim clothing.”

Muslims are being mistreated as if they are less than any other religion. 

People are trying to brain wash Muslims into leaving their religion because they are “uncomfortable” with the ways of Islam. 

According to BBC News China is planning to brainwash many of the Muslims that are in the country. 

“Internal documents from the Kunes county justice system from 2017 and 2018, provided to the BBC by Adrian Zenz, a leading expert on China’s policies in Xinjiang, detail planning and spending for “transformation through education” of “key groups” – a common euphemism in China for the indoctrination of the Uighurs. In one Kunes document, the “education” process is described as “washing brains, cleansing hearts, strengthening righteousness and eliminating evil”.

This hate needs to end for years people have been trying to be equal. There is more than one religion in this world.

When will the “ALLAH AKBAR” jokes stop?