Being fashionable can be inexpensive

Being fashionable can be inexpensive

For centuries, clothing has been a tool for protection and to accessorize the human body. The early human beings skinned numerous animals for their fur for warmth. From then on, clothing played a role in distinguishing one’s status, profession, emotion and culture. 

As the years go by, the clothing industry has been able to increase its value with simple digits and multiple dollar signs. 

But, when it comes to establishing a person’s sense of fashion, does a high price determine who looks better than the other? Who has more style? Who has better taste in fashion? 

In society it’s obvious that not everyone can afford the latest hat, sneaker, or jacket from whatever brand is center stage. However, just because an individual cannot afford an article of clothing, it should not translate to having no sense of style. 

People often struggle to locate clothing that fits them. Literally and figuratively speaking. The media shines a light on what jeans are popular and trendy. By the time an average person locates these jeans, there’s already three digits on the price tag. From the insecurity of not being able to afford a specific type of clothing, most people lose hope on the fact that looking good is achievable.  

Spending a lot of money on clothing cannot guarantee an individual infinite beauty and fashion sense. 

Start with a personal fashion adventure. “Knowing what you like and what you don’t will save you so much time and money and help you make better choices when shopping,” says The Well Dressed Life. Getting to know what you like to wear will decrease the chances of making unnecessary fashion purchases. 

Here’s the question. What age is the “right” age to start observing what you like clothing wise? Granted, most children and teens dress to express themselves among their peers, at the same time not too keen on the concept of a price tag. With that being said, there’s absolutely room for development.

“Getting older, I realized that there are so many ways to find good clothing pieces without spending a ridiculous amount of money such as thrifting,” sophomore Lisset Vargas expresses. 

Most of the time, getting older means getting wiser. At a certain age, which varies from person to person, price tags on an outfit tends to be the least of one’s concern. The appreciation of having clothes at all replaces the void that was once filled with the care of how much money is spent on clothing. 

Although the price tag determines what you can and can’t afford, the main idea is that you don’t have to go out of your way to tire out your wallet to look good. 

While being on the same boat with Vargas, sophomore Janet Boualy argues, “Just because you aren’t wearing clothes that are brand named, doesn’t make you poor or look terrible,” she continues, “you can still give off a confident vibe with cheap clothing.”

This is achievable. In fact, it goes back to the first point. Knowing what you like. It’s all about how you feel in the clothing material. 

Tiktok users, @gtvision_ and @boujeesweet both uploaded videos where they discuss how people can look good on a budget and how the less money you have can actually make outfits look better. 

“It’s not about how expensive your outfit is, it’s about how you wear the pieces,” said Tiktok user @gtvision_ on his video captioned “ballin’ on a budget”. 

As for user @boujeesweet, she claims, “Designer is not everything. If you cannot afford expensive clothing, it’s fine, focus on accessories.”